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Finally, I Give You A Way To Shut Me Up …

When you’re my age, you get to look at your career and see the different phases that it passes through.

I remember one year at Wieden, we seemed to make more beautiful, highly-crafted physical books on culture than we did ads.

Now I’m a huge fan of these – and still do them – but that year I think we made about 10, which was frankly ridiculous.

Then there was the year I got told I’d spoken at more conferences than anyone at Wieden.

It wasn’t said as a diss, more a fact – though I do remember Luhr looking at me with the face of someone who couldn’t work out why anyone would want me to talk at their event.

He wasn’t wrong.

Then there was the year I seemed to be in every bloody Asian marketing book or article and then of course, The Kennedys.

It happens. It’s rarely an intentional thing, but the nature of the business means it can be like that … and while I’ll always prefer to be involved in creating stuff, it does let you feel things are evolving and that’s a good feeling.

Well this year is another one of those years.

Part of this is because of the situation the World is in and part of it is because of the situation I have found myself in.

However, whereas previous years have seemingly had singular focuses, this year has had two.

Icons of culture and podcasts.

Both have been pretty awesome.

Musicians … Fashion superstars … Gaming Royalty … Billionaires.

Frankly people who should know a lot better than to ever want me to work with them … and yet, for reasons I don’t understand but am utterly grateful for, they have.

It’s certainly very different to the work I’ve done in the past, but it not only is introducing me to a whole new world of creative expression – from developing new concert experiences to video game design to stuff that is genuinely almost impossible for me to describe as it’s just plain beautifully bonkers – it’s letting me work with people who are recognised as being the best in their field so to be in this position … and to have Colenso to look forward to in addition … feels like winning the lottery.

I know this all sounds like humble bragging – but that’s not the intent.

To be honest, it’s more about me writing it down so I never forget this feeling.

This moment.

Because as tough as it is for people all around the World, I am very, very fortunate so many good things have come my way.

But that’s not what this post is about, it’s about the other thing I’ve been doing a lot of.


I’ve done a ton this year.

[Here and here and here for example]

Why people want to hear from me – especially when I write so much bollocks about my life on here – is another thing I don’t get … but it’s been fun.

Recently the lovely/stupid people at Colenso had chat with me for their Love This podcast …

We cover all manner of subjects … from running a planning gang to developing creativity in a pandemic to how to be a fucking idiot … so if you’re bored, an insomniac or are jealous of Colenso’s brilliance and are looking forward to the pain they’ll experience with me in the building, you can listen to it at one of these places.


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Oh goodie, another podcast to help me sleep.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Always here to help.

Comment by Rob

your help is the sort of shit that means people then have to go and get help.

Comment by andy@cynic

So this is a podcast about how your whole life is falling up the stairs not down. It may be jealousy inducing but also inspirational.

Comment by George

Not even a humble brag. Just a brag.

Comment by Bazza

When you’ve got my face, you need to feel good about something you’ve done.

Comment by Rob

I’ve listened to it. As usual it’s great. It’s not just what you say but how you say it. You always have this mischievous energy in how you express things. I miss that.

Comment by George

You mean the slightly “I’m going to burn everything down with me” tone?

Copyright Lee Hill.

Comment by Rob

and lee fucking loves you. people are very fucked up.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve heard Rob’s voice more this year than Trump.
That’s only OK because how much I hate Trump.

Comment by Bazza

You think that’s bad, I hear it all the time.

Comment by Rob

Not as bad as it must be for Jill and Otis. I feel for them.

Comment by Bazza

seems adland has had a fuckload of slow news days.

Comment by andy@cynic

Waterboarding for nerds.

Comment by John

they deserve it. its every other fucker who suffers.

Comment by andy@cynic

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