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The Rise Of Keep The Problem Alive …

So I know I said last week was the last of the Rules By Rubin … but then I did also say there may be some more in the future.

Well consider this the future.

Shit isn’t it?

Don’t worry, it’s just for today and tomorrow then we go back to normal.

So just as shit. Sorry.

Anyway this is about the state of the creative industry.

Whereas once, it was filled with companies all wanting to create wonderful things to put into the world – regardless of their individual discipline or expertise – the emergence of consultancies has led to the industry now falling into 2 groups

Those who can’t help finding ways to put creativity out into the world in interesting ways and those who seemingly do all they can to never put anything out whatsoever.

While I sort-of understand the theory why agencies would like the idea of being like a consultancy, what I’ve found especially bizarre is that in doing that, they’re seemingly happy to dismiss making any actual creativity at all.

At first I was really confused how they thought they’d stay in business.

I mean, there are as many competitors as there are in adland.

Their entire model is designed around making actual creative work.

The lack of C-Suite engagement is more individual than entire industry.

Then I thought maybe I was completely wrong.

That they did want to make work.

After all, why else would their excellent strategists continually write 100 page decks filled with charts, ecosystems, frameworks and playbooks to every single client meeting?

Surely that is a sign of a company actually wanting to make something.

But then on closer inspection, I saw a lot of those decks had no creativity mentioned in them whatsoever.

And the conversation around audience was simplistic, generalist and utterly contrived.

In essence, they talked a hell of a lot but actually said very little.

“What the hell was going on?” I would ask myself.

And then on a cold night one Wednesday, I worked it out.

Those planners aren’t writing strategic decks, they’re creating remuneration landfill.

Thank fuck for the others.

The ones who know who they are.

The ones who push rather than pander.

The ones who create opportunities not wait for them.

The ones who run to the edge rather than run on the spot.

The ones who finish interesting things to start making more interesting things.

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Typical adman. Not keeping your promises.

Comment by Bazza

By that reckoning, shouldn’t I be a politician? Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

youre good at being shit but youre not that shit.thats the best compliment i can give.

Comment by andy@cynic

“Those planners aren’t writing strategic decks, they’re creating remuneration landfill.” That’s some burn Rob.

Comment by Bazza

Brutal. But true.

Comment by Pete

What on earth have ecosystems, frameworks and playbooks got to do with strategy?

Comment by John

You know this. I know this. I suspect most people know this … but somehow, that’s become what many think is strategy and expect as their strategy.

Comment by Rob

This is a manifesto for starting an agency. Cynic 2.0?

Comment by Pete

not a fucking chance.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’d want to work af that agency.

Comment by George

most shit planners do is remuneration bullshit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Are you saying:

Most planners are bad and only do things that allow agencies to charge money.


Most of the things planners do is to allow agencies to charge clients money.

Comment by George

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