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Maybe The Thing Making Us Be Apart Is The Thing That Can Bring Us Together …

So today, I start working from home due to the devastating spread of corona virus.

As someone who has lived through SARS, avian and swine flu, you’d think I would be fine with it … but the way the government and media have responded, I have to say has left me on edge.

It feels like 28 Days Later – as we hide, hoping the invisible virus won’t get us while looking suspiciously at anyone who is outside or has a casual sneeze.

Personally I don’t think the government are taking it seriously enough.

I also think a lot of people are being way too blase about it.

But what’s worse is that while many of us are going to be inconvenienced, the elderly, the homeless, the single parents, the temporary workers, the unemployed and the small business owners are going to face a horrific time and no one seems to be creating plans for how they can cope.

I’m addition, it’s showing the worst of society.

From that fat, lying, cheating bastard who is the President of America – to the rapid increase in gun purchase in the USA [seriously, WTF?] to the disgusting locust like behaviour going on in across supermarkets all over the World.

I tell you what, any of these people who ever negatively judged immigrants, refugees or boat people better not do that from now on.

Though what’s the betting they’ll claim their situation is different.

I guess they’re right.

Refugees, migrants and boat people are trying not to die. They’re just trying to continue living in comfort and wipe their arse with 3-ply.

But through it all there have been signs of humanity showing their best side.

Coming together.


Looking out for others.

From the wonderful singing that is happening on balconies across Italy to Waitrose making sure all small business suppliers are paid the next day to LVMH doing this …

Given there are some companies you’d expect to jump to societies help who are acting like absolute wankers, it’s even more amazing LVMH are acting so swiftly and generously.

When this all passes, some companies will discover profit before people ends up costing them profit and people.

It’s a strange time but we will get through it – but what will make it better is if we can find ways to help those who feel left behind.

I’m working on something and there’s options already in place for the elderly – like this – but if you have more ideas, please let me know.

Most of all, look after yourself.

So far, 2020 has a lot to improve on.

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Good post Robert. If people are reacting like this before the virus has fully taken hold, the signs are not good.

Comment by George

Yep … it feels weird doesn’t it.

And it’s no where near started yet.

But the worst thing is the fear in people is spreading faster than the actual virus – and potentially, causing more damage too.

Comment by Rob

The white house is saying Trump didn’t try to negotiate an antidote just for Americans but he will do anything for re-election bragging rights.

The LVMH move is classy AF. Nothing will annoy Trump more than a French company doing the right thing.

Comment by Bazza

Is it wrong that I really hoped Trump would get Corona given his lazy attitude to this whole thing.

A week ago he was claiming America was safe, now he’s accepting it’s there … but still downplaying it.

Blaming others and taking credit.

That will be his legacy.

Comment by Rob

its only wrong if thats all you wished on the prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

I hope you and your family are safe Robert. I know you have suffered from the viruses in the past and I am sure you want to avoid that happening again.

Also. did you see the video of the Italian airforce Robert? If not, it is very emotional, despite being filmed a little while back.

Comment by Lee Hill

All good, hope you are too.

And if the other viruses couldn’t kill me off – I’m hopeful Corona can’t.

Comment by Rob

You’re safe Rob, you’re the cockroach of advertising.

Comment by Bazza

Impatient zero

Comment by John

Never a truer word said John

Comment by George

Thanks a lot!!!

Comment by Rob

campbell is ground zero for basically every fucking thing wrong in the world.

Comment by andy@cynic

here’s an example of a simple action that can have an immediate impact…

Comment by niko

Yep … Woolies in Australia are doing the same.

Simple. Effective. Smart.

Comment by Rob

who the fuck knew pasta and poo paper would be the crap people would fucking die for. that is scarier than the fucking virus.

Comment by andy@cynic

Well we know who would be buying the pasta.

Comment by DH

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