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Listen To Yoda …

while back I read an interview with film director, voice of Yoda and countless muppets and expert puppeteer – Frank Oz.

It was a beautiful interview … a story of friendship, loyalty, creativity and compassion, so I urge you to read it … but there was one thing that really stood out to me and it was this:

Now it’s fair to say it’s no longer just corporate America who don’t understand the value of the things they’ve just bought. In some respects, we see it every day from clients who dictate and demand changes to a piece of creativity that an experienced professional has custom made for their specific situation … right through to companies who blame talent for circumstances and situations that they were directly complicit in creating and encouraging.

As I see it, the problem is three fold.

1. People judge output without any appreciation of how it happened.
2. People wildly overestimate their own talent.
3. It’s easier to look like you’re doing things than doing things.

None of these should be a surprise.

It’s why we tend to lavish our attention on individuals who are associated with ‘results’ rather than recognize the people around them who made it possible. It’s why we talk about wanting to follow similar paths to others but dismiss the pain, hardship and conflicts they endured to get there. It’s why companies build in-house creative departments without understanding the importance of objective viewpoints that lead to the work they want to replicate. It’s why people dismiss what others have done despite never having done anything of note themselves. It’s why companies talk about the importance of experience but see them as an expense. It’s why industries talk about D&I but don’t change the situations and contexts that make it an issue. It’s why companies talk about teams but have departments of exactly the same sort of people. It’s why companies become obsessed with proprietary processes even though the work and results it produces is nothing special. It’s why many consultants tell you what is wrong but never take responsibility for making it right. It’s why someone I once worked with on an airport project said – no word of a lie – “why don’t we push out the architects, because we could do a much better job”, despite the fact he wasn’t an architect and our role had little to do with it.

I could go on.

And on and on and on.

The reality is we’re all complicit in some way.

And the irony is if we learn to value what it takes to get the results we want – rather than simply focusing on the speed, power and control of ownership – then we’d all stand a much greater chance of achieving the things we want.

Or said as the wonderful Lee Hill once said to me …

Hire well.
Pay well.
Brief well.
Value well.
Trust well.

Have a good weekend.

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An excellent post and a heartwarming article. The last paragraph captures the compassionate nature of Mr Oz. Thank you for this Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

He comes across so well.

Some would say naive, but given his track record, he’s far more shrewd than he may appear. He’s certainly got a better understanding of humanity than most companies who talk about valuing humans.

Comment by Rob

And you are very kind Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

dont fall for it lee. the fucker is after more fucking freebies. you should know this shit by now.

Comment by andy@cynic

Hahahahaha … that’s so not true.

But if Lee wants to give me free fights when we can all fly again properly … far be it from me to rob him of that joy. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Save your compliments Rob. I don’t think the airlines will be giving any freebies out for decades Rob.

Comment by DH

What am I talking about, you’ll somehow get them.

Comment by DH

I think it has been universally acknowledged that it’s you who is the very kind one.

Comment by Rob

fucking crawler.

Comment by andy@cynic

disney corp are the most undisney fuckers on the planet.

Comment by andy@cynic

After spending 3 years working with them on the launch of Shanghai Disneyland – only to have it taken from us at the last moment because management would rather throw people under the bus in an attempt to look good to their most senior bosses rather than own their decisions and choices – I relate to this very, very much.

That said, they fire you so nicely that you don’t realise what has happened until you get back to the office, Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

ok. smiling pricks. better known as fucking psychopaths.

Comment by andy@cynic

Since the very beginning, Disney have acted more like a movie villain than a superhero. The only reason they make films where the villain loses is to convince themselves they’re not as evil as they really are..

Comment by DH

What a wonderful human.
Thank you for the link.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Good post to end the week, though you forgot “support well”.

Comment by Bazza

That article and this post is essential reading.
But mainly the article. ; )

Comment by Pete

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