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The Condiments Versus The Food …

I don’t understand what some people are thinking.

We have got to a point where ‘the idea’ is seemingly regarded as a superficial bit of nonsense.

A wrapper for marketing.

Something as interchangeable as a phone cover.

For some utterly imbecilic reason, ‘the idea’ is now seen as optional – a potential distraction to purpose, eco-systems, frameworks and anything else designed to elevate an idea rather than be the idea.

No wonder our industry is in such a state.

Not only have we sold the value of creativity down the river, we now have a business model based on selling condiments rather than meals.

This post isn’t about dismissing the different and the new.

There’s value in a lot of them – despite the fact most of them aren’t new, just in possession of a new name.

This is actually about being stubborn with the priorities …

Because an idea isn’t wrapping, it’s the fucking present.

Have a good weekend … we have Monday off here, so see you Tuesday.

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This has been a phenomenal week of posts. My gratitude to Mr Rubin.

Comment by George

fucking crawler.

Comment by andy@cynic

He did say it’s all Rick rather than me. Surely that gives him some ‘Andy bastard points’?

Comment by Rob

Seriously Robert, NZ has reignited you. It’s great to see and fantastic to read.

Comment by George

what youre saying is campbell was a boring fuck for the last 10 years and now hes slightly less shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Perfectly put George.

Comment by Lee Hill

the industry was full of people who thought they were imposters. now its full of fucking imposters who think theyre great.

Comment by andy@cynic

Underrated comment.

Comment by John

all my fucking comments are. youre all getting gold from me. everyfuckingday.

Comment by andy@cynic

Boom. This is so good I responded to a question related to this topic with this response.

Comment by Rob

100% to all this.

This line is killer -> “Because an idea isn’t wrapping, it’s the fucking present.”

Comment by Pete

Robert could have a good business selling his statements as posters.

Comment by Lee Hill

Oh Lee … you definitely need a rest. Haha.

Comment by Rob

That might be the case but I still think I am right.

Comment by Lee Hill

Blimey you’re on form. Have to agree, if marketing was simply an operating system, it would all be 100% effective. I still think the difference between planners and consultants is to marry ideas with logic (and a fucking healthy disrespect for best practice) that’s why I take the House of Cards ‘built on data’ point with a massive pinch of salt, maybe or maybe not they knew that people liked Kevin Spacey and political dramas, but that doesn’t preclude writing a decent script and flipping it from the original by having the wife as part antagonist

Comment by Northern

I am with you 100% about House Of Cards.

Especially as the show existed before Netflix and it overlooks the need to have world class production, directors and actors. It’s not like data created that is it. More hype than fact.

Comment by Rob

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