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A Conversation About Living. And Failing.

A few weeks ago, my friend – Philippa White, the founder of TIE – spoke to me about my life.

While many would say that is the single worst idea anyone could have, Philippa – for reasons that still escape me – thought differently.

TIE – or The International Exchange – is an amazing thing.

They link people from the commercial world [from big organisations to people from BBH and W+K] with social initiatives around the world, providing unique opportunities that will transform the lives of both parties.

It’s an absolutely amazing organisation and the people who have done it talk about how it has had a profound affect on their lives – for the experience they had, the realisation that their skills can benefit people in different ways that they ever imagined and the lessons they learnt about what they’re good at, what they want to be good at and the future they can now envision for themselves.

I have not done TIE, but Philippa and I bonded when we met over the power of overseas experiences and learning and for some reason she wanted to talk about my journey.

We cover a whole lot of topics, from family to friendship to failure and while it may only be interesting to those looking for a cure for insomnia, if you’re looking for development, growth and having more meaning and value from your life … I can assure you TIE is definitely going to be of interest to you.

Thank you Philippa. Thank you TIE.

You can be disappointed by it here.


Before you take the piss, I thought I’d make you extra happy by letting you know Otis woke us up early this morning.

He was shouting “this is the best thing ever”.
A bundle of happiness & excitement only interrupted for intermittent thumbs up and champion ‘arms in the air’ exhilaration. Not to mention claims of “now I’m an adult”. And joy that he could “eat apples again”.

But what could cause such early morning commotion?

He lost his first tooth.

So this is all my way of saying, I’m too tired to care about your shit. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Congratulations Otis.
Tie sounds exactly what I’m looking for. I will look in to it. Thank you Robert.

Comment by Mary Bryant

It does sound exactly what we were talking about.

Comment by George

Well done Otis on the tooth and waking your dad early.

Comment by Bazza

Congratulations Otis. It is a big moment for all kids.

Comment by George

Is it failing if you come out of it in a better position than you started?

Comment by Bazza

It means he’s satan.

Comment by Billy Whizz

satan lite.

Comment by andy@cynic

One of his greatest talents.

Comment by George

All his talents are for things he should be arrested or fired for.

Comment by Bazza

You are on more media than a Trump family member these days. I look forward to hearing this. So few talk openly about their failures and that is often the most valuable lesson people can learn for their own career.

Comment by George

Thank god they’re on podcasts not TV.

Comment by Bazza

hes much fucking easier to turn off which is a big fucking bonus.

Comment by andy@cynic

God forbid anyone turns him on.

Comment by DH

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