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Time Machines Suck …

I’ve written this blog consistently for 15 years.


My god …

But it gets worse.

Because bar a few weeks of holiday, it is something that has been written every single Monday to Friday.

That means there has been over 3,900 posts of utter gibberish for over 780 weeks.

And as tragic as that all sounds, there’s an awful lot of people who comment on here who have been here pretty much all that time.


Now, I have to say there are some lovely benefits to long term blog writing.

In some ways it’s like a diary … capturing what I was thinking or doing at any given time.

It also is a lovely way to see how my opinions and thoughts have evolved over time.

Plus there’s the hope that when I’m gone, Otis will still feel his Dad is close.

OK … OK … there are some posts I definitely DON’T want him to read, but there’s others I’d be glad for him to keep going back to.

Putting aside I basically write the same 3 or 4 posts over and over again … there is a lot of my life contained in these pages.

From getting married to losing my Mum to having my son.

Proper life-changing stuff … and that doesn’t even cover the moves to different countries, jobs and homes.

The best and worst of my life is detailed here which is why – despite all these big life events being sandwiched between endless amounts of shit – I still like it.

Occasionally I randomly click on a date and just see what I wrote.

Recently I did this and was reminded what a little shit I was.

OK, can be.

It’s this.

Yep, it’s the time I tried to auction off Martin Sorrell’s business card so people could send him stupid messages or texts.

On the plus side, I was offering to give any money to charity.

On the negative, I was working for WPP at the time.

If you think that’s stupid, there was the time I wrote a post featuring a photo of Sir Martin with a picture of Toad of Toad Hall under the caption ‘Spot The Difference’.

And the weird thing is that while I don’t agree with his approach to creativity, I do respect him. I have met him on a number of occasions and he was very, very impressive.

Though it’s fair to say that respect was only one way, Especially when there was an agency Q&A and I asked him ‘what do you spend all your money on?’

So Sir Martin … even though I know you would never read this blog [more proof you’re clever] I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for my stupidity. It was ridiculous … but if it’s any consolation, at least it wasn’t as bad as this.

I know … I know … this was a terrible post even by my standards.

So celebrate in the fact that tomorrow is Good Friday so I’m off till next Tuesday and you’re not going have to deal with any more of this shit till then.

I don’t know about you … but it’s the sort of news that makes you almost believe in God, doesn’t it.

Happy Easter, enjoy the sugar rush.

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It definitely gets worse.

Comment by John


Comment by DH

Good reminder that you’re a mischievous asshole.

Comment by DH

I like the fact you needed to be reminded.

Best compliment ever. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

3900 posts over 780 weeks. Finally there is a weapon that can stop Putin in Ukraine.

Comment by Bazza

How much shit can one person produce?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Not much. However Rob can produce 3900 posts over 780 weeks worth. And rising.

Comment by Bazza

7 posts multiple tines over 780 weeks.

Comment by John

And I’m about to take another blog laxative …

Comment by Rob

I’m impressed you think I write 7 different posts John.

Comment by Rob

How do I tell the difference between when you do and don’t take a blog laxative? Asking for a friend.

Comment by Bazza

This blog has certainly taken us to some interesting places.
I am not sure if your sentence of respect towards Sir Martin will dramatically change his opinion of you, but I respect the attempt.

Comment by George

Yeah … good point.

Though with the greatest respect to his incredibly successful businesses, I’m not sure any of them have me aspiring to be there. And I know the feeling is definitely mutual, ha.

Comment by Rob

I have always admired your ability to remain true to who you are, regardless of the audience or situation. It is a strength Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by John

if easter shuts you up there must be a fucking god. this blog was much better when you were an annoying prick to annoying pricks.

Comment by andy@cynic

If this post made you believe in God, then this blog is more powerful than God.

Comment by Rob

15?! Wow I’ve wasted so much of my life reading this.

(Joking of course, I don’t read it)


Comment by Rob (Other one)

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