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This Is The Real Reason Why I Am Away Till Mid Sept …
September 2, 2007, 7:00 am
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Just Married

And no, I am not joking … I’m now a married man!!!  YAY!

I didn’t say anything because we were keeping the whole thing a secret – not to mention the fact no one on this blog would of given a damn anyway, ha!

So last Saturday – under the guise of [finally] celebrating our engagement – we got friends, family and a couple of people we had to invite for ‘political’ reasons [haha!] to come to dinner at our favourite restaurant in Singapore, Coriander Leaf.

After the throng had scoffed a few savories and quaffed a few drinks, we announced we’d got them there under false pretences because we were going to get married right there, right then and – after a few gasps, tears and applause – we did.

After a nice but quick ceremony, there was a little speech [by me of course, ha!] … a big dinner … a ridiculous cake [flown in from bloody Balmain so a abit of ‘home’ was with us!!!] and then the piece de resistance – a Diet Coke ‘Champagne Fountain’. 

No one can accuse us of not being classy eh?!  Haha!

Anyway, it was very chilled and very special and it all starts from now …

See you soon.

DSC00004.JPG  cynic’s subtle-as-usual bouquet! 

PS: I wrote this a few days ago, so by the time you read it, my wife and I will be in Spain!

PS: Yes I wore Birkenstocks … so did Jill … except hers were special glam ones whereas I just opened a fresh pair from my Imelda Marcos collection, hahaha!

PS: The above photo is dodgy because [1] I haven’t got any real photos from the wedding [and don’t worry, I won’t bore you with them when I do] and [2] the ‘better’ photos of us are individual shots, not when we’re together, hahaha!

PS: Mr M … I hope your wedding was just as wonderful as ours and please know we didn’t do this just because we wanted to be like you. Well, Jill didn’t anyway …


WEDDING HIGHLIGHTS [Or Maybe I Should Say Lowlights, ha!]

Champagne Fountain

The classy ‘Diet Coke’ champagne fountain.

DSC01605 DSC01607 

Our bloody daft cake.

Rob Suit DSC01582 

Yes, we did dress like our cake characters – sad buggers!


She may of looked wonderful at the wedding, but this is what I woke up to!

One night of marriage and she’s already letting herself go! Typical.

Mind you, that’s nothing compared to the sad ‘Jackass’ impression she did  … please turn your head 90 degrees to the left and watch my wife commit madness!

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were all very fucking proud of you, each and every one of us, and we wish you all the very best with your lives together.

ps: did you get a prenup jill!

Comment by andy@cynic

It was a great, great night, you looked wonderful, the food was magic, the DC fountain was a revelation and the cake was another league. We’re all so very happy for you both.

Comment by Katerina, Jemma, Cass, Amanda and Emma

Wonderful news, still upset I couldn’t be there but it seems you had a great time and you deserve nothing less. Mary can’t wait to hear all the details in mindnumbing detail 🙂 so get yourselves over here soon.

Comment by George

Great night, great people, magic couple and the best vows and cake I’ve ever experienced. All the best.

Comment by Mike King

This is awesome news. Love and life to both of you.

Comment by Charles Frith

Hey Rob, that is wonderful news. Congratulations to you and Jill. Wishing you a life filed with love and happiness.

Comment by Jade

I completely agree with Katerina, Jemma, Cass, Amanda and Emma. Having overcome the initial shock of seeing Rob wearing a jacket, which I reluctantly have to say suited him very well, I enjoyed every second of this fantastic evening.

Jill looked absolutely stunning!! And your lovely Mum, Mrs. Campbell seemed completely filled by joy and happiness. This was wonderful to see.

Have a really great honeymoon! (And keep away from mobile phones and computers)

I can’t wait to see you both when you get back.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

fuck yeah!! that’s so awesome – congrats to both of you lovely and i hope you have the best honeymoon!

“not to mention the fact no one on this blog would of given a damn anyway” – pfft!!

Comment by lauren

“I don’t know how he bagged someone like Jill”

Me? No, that’s what Emma said when she called me last night so sack her and promote me because I think you are great together and agree with Fred you look quite cool in a jacket.

Congratulations to both of you, so sorry I couldn’t be there and I look forward to the NY party when you come over to see us all.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Congratulations Rob, that is fantastic news.

Comment by Angus

Rob, Jill…I am crying. Okay, basically because I am a sentimental bastard and I won’t see my girl for weeks now. But this is the fucking best and most brilliant news of the day that actually made me smile (especially the Birkenstocks, Rob. Coincidentally you find a related question about this topic on my blog, ha).

I wish both of you the best, but actually both of you just got it.
Enjoy your honeymoon.

Comment by Seb


Well done 🙂

Ours went brilliantly, it was warm and everything went to plan!

Besides, what other wedding disco plays Flogging Molly, Pendulum, Muse, Bloc Party and Korn!!

Enjoy your honeymoon!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Well done and congratulations to both of you even though it shines an even brighter spotlight on my singledom and demonstrates your favouritism towards Em, K, Amanda, Jemma and Cass because I didn’t even know it was happening, let alone get an invite 😉

Comment by Bazza

How wonderful that in times of rising divorce rates and increasing cynicism towards ‘traditional’ rites of passage, we can celebrate with you the simple joy of love and marriage. Every every moment of this special time. All the very very best. Brenda.

Comment by Brenda

Congratulations Rob – brilliant news. Wishing you and Jill lots of happiness and fun together.
gareth and clare

Comment by Gareth

I think the realisation of having to spend the rest of her life with you is a perfectly valid excuse. Congratulations.

Comment by John

Congratulations! Love the birks.

Comment by 7000days

Congratulations. Wish you two all the best.

Comment by pooR

I wish Jill well.

Comment by Marcus

Congratulations! Rob & Jill, sorry for not being there for your wedding. You guys look so lovely and sweets. Have a good time on your honeymoon. You will know how great to be married hehehe :}

Comment by Rozie

Congratulations to you both – I hope you have a lovely honeymoon.

Comment by Will

Absolutely brilliant.

Comment by NP

Jill looks beautiful, the cake looks amazing, the evening looks fantastic and Rob looks OK. So happy for you both, have a wonderful time in Spain and I look forward to seeing you both soon. Mary x

Comment by Mary Bryant

holy moly congrats mate!!!!!!!!

Comment by Age

still married or has jill come to her senses?

Comment by andy@cynic

touch and go I think Andy.

Comment by The Kaiser

I go on holiday and you get married? Congratulations to both of you, it’s great news but I hope to hear the background story when you’re back. Great cake by the way.

Comment by Pete

Congrats! All the best for you!

MADVERTISING – tales from a very strange industry

Comment by °flo

Congratulations 🙂

Comment by bhaskar

Well done Robert, about time too. All the very best from everyone here and we have a little something for you both when you come back from Spanish shores.

Comment by Lee Hill

Hmm I thought you advertising types were into deconstruction. The client has something for Mr. & Mrs. Campbell and yet no panic has broken out.

What would newlyweds most want? The opportunity to spend more time together. All week long. But that’s not possible because at least one of them is spending that time doing sterling work for the you see where this is going.

Comment by John

That was the best wedding party I’ve been to in years, mate. I’m very, very happy for you and Jill, although I was absolutely caught by surprise by your announcement! Congratulations again to both of you!

Comment by Mark

hello lee. you can send your little something for the lovebirds to me to look after, ill make sure they get it, unless theyve got divorced or its really fucking good 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

I still wish you hadn’t found this blog Lee, it makes me more nervous than a client meeting with Andy. 🙂

Comment by George

Is it a record voucher Lee?

Comment by The Kaiser

Get over it George, it’s happened and it’s not as bad as a meeting with Andy so relax. $5 voucher to be precise but we want change.

Comment by Lee Hill

What are these “record vouchers” of which you speak? Are they in some way related to mp3 download credits perchance?

Comment by John

get your dirty, thieving fucking mitts off them john, i ”claimed” them first.

Comment by andy@cynic

i think a ‘record voucher’ is a charming wedding present, considering that ‘records’ [also known as vinyl/rekkids/plates – preceding mp3s by 3 generations of musical technology] are only collected and proudly owned by the dedicated and/or neurotic – a little bit like getting married 🙂

Comment by lauren

im so bored even your fucking planning bollocks would be mildly interesting. come back campbell, come back now, i need diversion.

Comment by andy@cynic

I understand that there are still locations in the meatpacking district that can offer you untold diversions.

Comment by John

i knew youd know that john, your name is still scrawled on many a seedy fucking wall.

Comment by andy@cynic

Nasty pun mate.

Comment by John

*walks in*

hi my comments friends!

*walks out*

Comment by Age

I collect vinyl.
The weird thing is that some records I hate on cd I really enjoy on vinyl…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Such a beautiful story. I’m off to write a solo.
Congrats from me and sylvester.

Comment by brian may

What are you doing hanging round with that parasite Sylvester for Mr May?

Get away from him and write another searing solo – you know it makes sense.

Comment by Rob

Congratulations to both of you. Heard the news quite late. Am happy for both of you.

Guess even if they put a cover over your head, we could have figured out that a bridegroom in a birkenstock had to be none other than you 🙂

Wish you both the very best in life ahead.

Comment by Salim

Thanks mate … how are you by the way? We really do need to catch up, it’s been bloody ages and that’s ridiculous given we live in the same soddin’ country. Get in touch!!! [I’ve just had my phone stolen which is why I am putting all the emphasis onto you, ha!]

Comment by Robert

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