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It’s All A Matter Of Taste …

OK, so today is a slightly un-topical post.

About Christmas.

Yes, I know that happened 2 months ago, but when has that ever stopped me?

You see I recently saw that Walkers – the royalty of Crisps – launched this.

What the hell?

Like, what the absolute hell?

I once did a project for Walkers about new flavour variations and we talked about topicality but I never – in any way – considered mince pie flavour.

I think we did say Christmas Dinner flavour.

Or maybe even Turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce flavour.

But mince pie?

No, no, no, no, no.

I particularly like how they say on the packet, ‘Limited Edition Flavour’.

No fucking shit, Sherlock.

And yet I admire the genius of it.

Let’s be honest, when something is as illogical as that, you’re going to try them aren’t you.

And when it’s linked to a particular event, it’s likely to pull in the people who don’t normally eat crisps.

Sure, it might make some crisp fanatics never try a new flavour again or make the occasional crisp scoffer, never eat another one again … but it’s still a smart strategy.

Which reinforces my view the most effective strategy these days is the ridiculous.

Ridiculous achieves what logic can’t.

Because rather than play to the norms of category behaviour are, they just ignore them.

In fact, they go off on a tangent even a protractor couldn’t measure.

Not in its entirety, but in an area that’s a necessity.

And while that sounds counter-intuitive, what it does is find a way around the in-built firewalls we have in our heads to avoid all this logical nonsense and messes with us.

Igniting our intrigue.

Demanding consideration.

Tempting us by simply being unlike anything we had ever considered.

And yet it’s not annoying.

In fact it’s pretty refreshing.

Because in a world increasingly sensible – it celebrates the bonkers … reframing how you look or feel or think about something you thought you knew all there was to be known.

In essence, it lets brands show that while they take what they do seriously, they don’t take themselves too seriously. Which must be a huge relief for all the people who work in the company, let alone society, given all the pompous, self-righteous, pseudo-Yoda bollocks we are bombarded with day after day after day.

We did a similar thing with a campaign for DB Export Beer …

A campaign that WARC said was the most effective campaign on earth.

Further allowing us to prove the commercial effectiveness of creative ridiculousness.

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Didn’t this post show up a few months ago?

Comment by John

theyve all turned up a few fucking months ago.

Comment by andy@cynic

True. If it’s not tech incompetence, it’s repetition.

Comment by John

They say there’s only 7 original stories that have ever been written. That’s 5 more than this blog has produced.

Comment by Bazza

Highly likely John.

Comment by Rob

i like the beer ad. proper advertising. the crisp shit is just lazy. if youre going to do it, go right in.

Comment by andy@cynic

If you think mince pie crisps is lazy, I daren’t imagine what you think isn’t. Reindeer shit maybe?

Mind you, I remember being a kid and having ‘hedgehog flavoured crisps’. Which is pretty sick when you think about it.

And if you were wondering, they tasted like chicken. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Those crisps weren’t flavoured, they were fried road-kill. #nottinghamcuisine

Comment by John

The commercial effectiveness of creative ridiculousness.

Now that is a statement. I love this Robert.

Comment by George

If you agree with this post, does it mean you have covid?

Comment by Bazza

youre dead.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s what this blog does to people.

Comment by DH

Chips you don’t want to eat but want to try. The flavour options are endless.

Comment by DH

Good beer spot. I would buy and try that.

Comment by DH

Send me money and I’ll send you some. Ha.

And it’s CRISPS, not CHIPS.

Comment by Rob

When in Rome.

Comment by DH

I do enjoy a seasonal libation. I’m waiting for the Mince Pie flavoured Guinness. Incidentally, I had my worst ever Guinness in Devenport (NZ) – do they like it tasting like dirt?

Comment by j p woods

[…] of opinion. These things that can make you look at subject in a completely different way. That can take you to different place with even bigger possibilities than you could […]

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