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A Badge Of Honour. Kinda …

For some reason, I like having badges made for my colleagues.

Or anything a bit daft.

Of course, it started with the stickers I had made when I left Wieden.

600 of the buggers, hidden throughout the office – and buildings of interest – which they’re still finding to this day.

Then there was the packing tape of Jorge and the guy who is in Love Actually – which is a massive compliment even though he thought it was a huge pisstake.

Then there were the Zaid badges, made and bought on a snowy night in Boston.

Then my leaving Deutsch badges.

Followed by the pencils for Mike and Sam.

And the ‘don’t mess with me’ badge for Meg … after watching how disgusted she was at a presentation she had to attend.

Thanks to COVID, apart from the ‘you’re a twat’ sexual harassment badges we had made and sent to men who had made inappropriate comments to women in the workplace, I’ve been nothing but mature.

Until now.

Lizzie is in my team.

She has many qualities.

She’s fiercely smart. An incredibly talented, multi-instrument playing, musician. Community soup maker.

Basically, she is everything I’m not … but there’s one quality that she has that shines above even those bright lights.

She can see a dark side in everything.

I don’t mean in a depressing, mean, nasty way …

Nor do I mean in a hurtful, inconsiderate, selfish way …

I mean that in certain circumstances, she sees the worst case scenario in things.

Of course, she will claim she is simply being a realist – and there is a lot of evidence to suggest she’s right.

For example, when lockdown happened, we were having a bet on when we’d go back to work.

Most said early October, a few early November … but Lizzie swooped in and said,

“We won’t be going back till the new year”.

We laughed at her, until we didn’t and realized she was right.



Which is why I decided to commemorate her insightfulness with this ….

And while some may say this is not the nicest thing a boss could do for a colleague, I see it a bit differently. To me, I see it as an investment in my team – an investment at the price of my sons inheritance – which means I’m basically boss of the year.

Sadly, that year in 1953.

Happy weekend.

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I can’t wait to read Lizzie’s story on the anti bullying, corporate gaslighting blog you seem to have forgotten you created. Happy thanksgiving all.

Comment by DH

I am aware of that possible conflict of interest … here’s hoping I’ve stayed on the right side of adoration rather than alienation.

And why are you writing on America’s special day. The one where they killed English people to create the land of the illusionary free? I very much doubt anyone else will … even if the pull of this blog is so compelling. Ahem.

But I hope you had a good one mate.

Comment by Rob

I am so grateful this post is on Thanksgiving Day. It wasn’t planned that way … but given Dave’s very reasonable comment … it means less people will see it and so there is less abuse and HR ‘meetings’ booked into my diary.

Hope everyone had a great day.

Comment by Rob

I like her outlook.

Comment by John

Thought you might.

Comment by Rob

While Lizzie may have a different opinion, I am thankful for you Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

I have a feeling I may need to draw your attention to this response at some point in the future. Ha.

For what it’s worth, I’m very thankful to you too … and not, as people will no doubt claim, for the upgrades. [But they were nice too, ha]

Comment by Rob

Ha ha I just don’t understand why there are so many! I dread to think who you’ll be giving them to – given we won’t be back in the office until at least March. I hope the coffee shop in Birkenhead head likes badges.

Comment by Lizzie

Strong response Lizzie. And to think he thinks this is a compliment.
Good news is he moves countries so often you won’t have to deal with him and his badge obsession for long.

Comment by Bazza

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