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Another Chapter Ends, Another Chapter Begins …

So today is going to be my last post for a while.

As you know, I’m leaving America and moving to the UK … and that all happens over the next 12 days.

Next week I say my goodbyes to Deutsch and then, 6 days after that, we move to the UK.

Because we have a bunch to do – from packing up to finding a new place to live – I need to focus on my family more than writing rubbish blog posts, hence while I endure a momentary period of maturity pain, you get to experience a momentary period of peaceful gain.

But don’t get too comfortable … it’s definitely going to be momentary as I’ll be back up and running on October 1.

Oh yes. Be afraid, be very afraid.

That aside, I have to say the last few weeks have been pretty hard.

Not in the sense of getting everything together for the move – though that is still an utter pain in the ass, despite the fact we have done it so many time – it’s just that the life in LA is pretty spectacular.

As I wrote once before, I’ve had better weekends in America than I may have had pretty much anywhere in the World and to say goodbye to that is hard.

Of course a big part of it is the amazing weather and that we had cars for the first time in 15 years [and trust me, after all I went through to get my car, saying goodbye to that has been a pain too] but the other key element is that LA is an outdoor city and to be able to spend so much time with my family in the fresh air has been an amazing gift.

Of course London will offer us alternative wonderful experiences, but that sunshine is a pretty addictive thing.

The other hard part is saying goodbye to people.

OK, not goodbye for ever – technology ensures that doesn’t have to happen – but goodbye in terms of seeing you each day.

All of my family have met people here who have become incredibly important to us.

Jill has made friends here that have become incredibly important to her. Friends that will stand the test of time and distance. Friends that have made my wife truly happy and supported … and for that, I send a personal big thanks to Emma, Zoe and Amber to name a few.

Otis is inundated with them – thanks to his magnificent school – but no one will be missed as much as his beloved Elodie.

To be honest, we’re not sure if he truly understands what moving to London means in terms of implications. While technology means he will be able to still see and talk to Elodie, it will obviously be very different. I have to say we’ve handled this move with him very gently. Even though he’s already moved from China, he’s only 3 years old so his World is both huge and small. To try and make him feel as comfortable as he can be, we’ve made sure his feelings have been taken into account at every stage of the process – from creating a book of all the things he has seen and done in LA to showing him pictures of the things he will see in London to asking him to help us decide where our new family home will be.

Despite having moved countries more times than I care to remember, the fact is I never left home until I was 25 and I remember how traumatic that was for me. For a kid of 3, it must be insane … which is why he needs to feel his family unit is stronger than superglue while everything around him is changing.

I wish I didn’t have to put him through this, but apart from it being linked to work [more of that at a later date], part of this move is because Jill and I [and even the cat, probably] want him to be somewhere he can build real, longer-term roots.

As much as we loved LA, it was never going to be our long term home.

It was/is great, but we just didn’t really have an emotional connection to the place because we came here for work more than anything else.

Sure, if we had stayed longer, that might have changed – but England offers us roots. A place with some deep connections thanks to my background and – to a certain degree – Jill’s.

We have old friends there. People Otis knows and loves. And while I don’t think England will be our last stop on our journey, I do think it will be a significant one … a place where my family can build real roots and my son can find someone who becomes as important in his life and history as my beloved Paul is to me.

That is our goal. That is what my family needs. That is something we’re excited about.

But moving on means leaving things behind and for me, I am going to be saying bye to a bunch of people that have become very important to me.

The weird thing about LA is that by the time we moved here, an incredible amount of old friends and colleagues had also moved here. In fact, it meant LA was the place where I knew more people than anywhere else in the World.


And as much as I’ll miss those guys, I’ve gone through this with them before so they don’t get to fuck with my heart that badly a second time. However there are a bunch of new people who I am going to hate to say bye too.

From our wonderful neighbours Kim and Dave to the lovely Elena – who Otis adored and trusted in no time at all – to the people at Noah’s Bagel’s who kept giving me free coffee because they found my t-shirts ‘amusing’.

But in particular I want to say a big thank you to some folks who made my weekdays better than I deserved.

There’s a bunch of them, but in particular I need to single out the amazingly talented and beautiful Jorge, the always happy [despite my shit] Zaid, the ‘Bake Queen’ Dana, the brilliant, patient, supportive and precious BCG [you know who you are, what you did for me and how much you mean to me] and – of course – my planning team.

Having spent 7 years with an incredible group at Wieden Shanghai, I didn’t know how I’d feel working with a totally different bunch, in a totally different country with a totally different context in terms of planning and creativity … but I can honestly say, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with them.

They’ve been incredibly good to me.

Putting up with my ‘ways’ and embracing my approaches.

And while all of them have played an important role in pushing the department forward, I have to give a special thanks to Kelsey, Rachael, Maya, Leigh, Heide, Lani, Ben, Mitch and Armando [and Donn, who fucked off for a pot of gold and a Lexus] for simply putting up with me on more projects than anyone else without – as far as I know – reporting me to HR.

There’s a lot of talent in this team, talent that can push them – and the agency – a long way, so I hope they continue being mouthy, opinionated, curious fucks … because as we saw in our brilliant America In The Raw study/book … when you stand for something, it stops the masses falling for anything.

I hope they feel I made a difference.

I hope they feel they’re in a better place than before I arrived.

I hope they can see bigger possibilities for who they are and what they can achieve.

For me, that’s the most important thing, even though I wish I could have achieved more.

For them. For me. For the agency.

[Though I have to say, I’m particularly proud that I got the office billboard changed, hahaha]

In all seriousness, I feel I’m leaving America a better person than when I arrived – which is the best way to leave any place – and that’s why I’m so grateful to all my planning team for what they did for me and helped me do.

Honestly, there’s a bunch of people here I’ve enjoyed working with, but this is already getting into Oscar speech territory, so in the interests of boredom, I’ll end this post with this.

Thank you LA.

Thank you for giving my family an experience we will always remember and treasure.

Thank you for the friendships, the memories and the opportunities we got to explore and enjoy.

I will always be grateful for the time I spent here, however short.

I hope America sorts itself out.

It’s an amazing country that deserves better. Needs to be better.

To do that, it needs to stop fighting as enemies and start talking as friends.

I don’t know if that will ever happen, especially under the current regime, but a united America is a good America and I want everyone I’ve met here to have the opportunities they deserve.

It’s been an honour and a privlidge and we’ll be back … for a visit, if only to prove to Otis that once upon a time, he really did live in [lifestyle] paradise.

London … here we come.


Oh hang on, there’s one last thing before I go.

I know … I know … this post is going on forever.

In the tradition of leaving companies with my indelible mark, the good people of Deutsch LA have received 2 things:

Every member of my wonderful planning department have been given a copy of the highly enlightening Ladybird Book Of Meetings [for future ‘self protection/preservation’ purposes] while the rest of the agency have been left with these highly desirable, culturally bold [Ahem!], future collector item badges/buttons.

I think it’s how they’d like to remember me.

Or should I say, how they will remember me.

Look, I know as horrible as these things are, they’re still less painful than the 600 stickers I hid throughout Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, but then Deutsch only had to endure a year of my pain where the lovely folks in China suffered for over 7.

I’m so considerate with my nastiness.

Which is probably why that after all this, they still have to put up with me for 4 days next week.

Cue: Evil Laugh.

It’s been a memorable adventure so a big thank you for everything.

See you America. See you soon England.

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Can you stop moving countries so we can stop having these War & Peace sized posts. Thank you.

Comment by DH

Jill is fully in support of your request, but for different reasons.

Comment by Rob

Good badges. I still refuse to call them buttons.

Comment by DH

In 2 more jobs time, you’ll be buying an outdoor campaign around whichever city you’re living in with your face on it.

Comment by DH

he tight fuck wont pay for that. but he will do a deal to get it for free.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re right, but I can’t deny I have thought about it.

Comment by Rob

bet otis is over the fucking moon seeing his inheritance being flittered away on more fucking tat. surprised you didnt get them with wifi to link to an app that tells you what item of clothing youve pinned it to. twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

the best present youre giving is heading to the departure lounge with a one way fucking ticket.

Comment by andy@cynic

Rub it in why don’t you.

Comment by John

best day of my fucking year.

Comment by andy@cynic

What a beautiful post. We are so sorry you are leaving but excited for what the next chapter holds for you all. We will miss you.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Thank you for being so nice Mary.
The only one on here.

Comment by Rob

fuck you campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Nice post. Fun buttons. But I refuse to believe this will be your last post for a while. Doesn’t matter that you’re moving countries, you won’t be able to help yourself.

Comment by Bazza


Comment by Billy Whizz

Billy has officially left the reservation.

Comment by Bazza

The smart money is on Bazza.

Comment by DH

His comment not him personally. Sorry Baz.

Comment by DH

Bazza has definitely won … there’s an APSOTW assignment on here on Monday.

Comment by Rob

Fortunately your wife and son left their mark on LA in kinder and more considerate ways.

Comment by George

and a fuck less egotistical.

Comment by andy@cynic


Jemma xoxox

Comment by Jemma King

Thank you lovely.

Comment by Rob

The planning team hijacked me today and put me on an open topped bus that took me around the sights of LA. It was beautiful hell … but they made up for it with this:


Comment by Rob

They need lessons in copywriting and art direction but they’re cheeky storytelling is on point. You must be so proud.

Comment by DH

Happy travels Rob, Jill and Otis. Can’t wait to read about your next adventure.
We’ve moved Dan HK to Australia to Dubai and back again and he has bloomed into a kid with a world view and incredible empathy. Otis will benefit so much from these amazing experiences with you both.
This morning I went in to Dan to say Hi and he said Can’t stop Mum, playing with Parker… his bestie he met in Dubai and who moved back to Florida only a year after we got there. The day before he was chatting to his mate who lives in Singapore – they’ve been best friend since they were born in HK, but neither have lived in the same country for the past 8 years – they’ve been in Oz while we were in Dubai, they moved to Singapore as we came home. It’s the coolest thing – when he heads out into the world at 18, he’s got friends in every country from Kazakhstan to US, Switzerland to London. Woohooo.
Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.
Love to you all. Gx
Shit – I’ve waxed lyrical here. Sorry. It’s late. I’m emotional today. Or maybe hysterical – waiting up as moral support at 1am while Dan finishes an assignment!

Comment by Genelle Sharples

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Hope the move all goes well. London is lucky to have you.

Comment by Northern

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