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Best Of The Best Or The Least Bad?

Today I’m judging the Effies.

Oh awards …

I’ve written so, so much about them in the past.

Like here. And here. And here. And here.

I must admit, I am intrigued to see what they are going to be like in the UK.

Will they be a celebration of insightful efficiency or will they be like I experienced too many times in Asia, a stream of consciousness that just rumbles along till they think they have explained how they got to their idea and how they have proved it worked.

I guess we shall see later today.

I really, really hope they are good.

Not just because the Effies have always had a standard they’ve lived up to, but because it will give me faith the industry still has fight in it to do things right.

In my time in the UK, I’ve read a bunch of planning documents/portfolios/resumes that have been more about packaging.

Repeating a client brief in a way that has been ‘sexed up’.




There are a bunch of reasons for this.

Part of it is the lack of training agencies give their strategiests.

[Hence why we started the School of Strategic Arts]

Part of it is the huge amount of freelance planners out there who are doing exactly what they are asked because they are fighting for their livelihood.

And part of it is because of the client/agency remuneration deals which means planners are giving too little time to explore the best outcome to the problem they face.

Planning has a valuable role to play in effectiveness.

Planning has a valuable role to play in creativity.

But it needs to be allowed to do it to make it happen … so here’s hoping we see the best of what it can do today, because the Effies is not just important for the people who win, but for what the industry needs to get back to being.

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And now the UK ad scene has been truly infected.

Comment by Bazza

I would pay to see the mayhem you will cause with the judges.

The effies are one of the few awards worth something. Long may they continue.

Comment by George

Well I’m hoping the judges will want the same as I want so less mayhem and more brutal judgement followed by glorious celebration on any papers that prove there is still life and value in adland.

Comment by Rob

Another paid holiday.

Comment by Billy Whizz

There’ll be a lot of purpose and very little proof. And if any entry mentions company valuation, bin it.

Comment by john

I’m wondering if any submission will dare mention Facebook likes. 👍🏻

Comment by Rob

The low point in effectiveness

Comment by Bazza

“Part of it is the huge amount of freelance planners out there who are doing exactly what they are asked because they are fighting for their livelihood.”

Very good.

Comment by Marcus

dont fucking compliment him.

Comment by andy@cynic

its like letting darth vader judge a fucking rainbow.

Comment by andy@cynic

A Darth Vader with a headache.

Comment by George

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