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We’ll Meet Again …

So even though we are not leaving for NZ for a month, this is my last post for at least a month.

Moving countries always requires a bunch of things to be done, and despite us being old hands at it, doing it during a pandemic means we have a bunch more stuff to do – hence the blog post rest.

Being back in England has been a special time.

Part of it is because I never thought I would have lived here again.

Part of it is because I have been able to catch up with old friends once more.

Part of it is because I love big cities and always wanted to live in London.

Part of it is because despite its bullshit, it’s still my home and I’ve loved being in a place where so much of it just felt natural.

And part of it is because of the new friends I have met along the way.

To think I didn’t know people like Tanter, Nils, the beautifully irresponsible – in the most responsible way – Mike and Sam, the entire planning gang at R/GA [though Lachlan did remind me when I started that we had once met in Australia … when he was a student, hahahaha], Michael Roberts, Ben Major, Tarik at Onroad, Sam Clohesy, Ian Preston, Trudie, the inspirational [whether he accepts that or not] Murray Calder, Keerti, Munraj, Larissa Vince – who is a better Nottingham Forest than I could ever be, John, Nana at POCC, Asheru, Louise Jack, Eduardo, Sara Tate, Holly Day, Ally and everyone at Brixton Finishing School, Dorcas, Abi, the incredible Kay Adekunle Rufai from the S-M-I-L-E-ing Boys project, Nick Hirst, Tom Roach and countless other people from work or – shock, horror – Twitter [including one of my ad-icons, Trevor Beattie] … is astounding.

And while I am thrilled to be going to New Zealand for our next adventure, leaving England is much harder than I thought it would.

Without doubt, a big part of that is because as much as I’ve been away, it still feels like home.

Not just because we bought our beautiful house here, but because my beloved Paul and Shelly are here.

And while the pandemic meant we didn’t see each other as much as we would have liked, it’s more than I’d had in quarter of a century and I will treasure that as much as I treasure the fact Paul and I are still as stupid together, as we were when we were kids.

England is where I was raised.

And while I have sold the family home to buy our new family home … it doesn’t take away from the fact, so many of the things that made me who I am, were made here.

Of course I wish my Mum and Dad were still alive.

How I would have loved to have made them happy to be ‘home again’.

How I would have loved to have spent so much time chatting and remembering together.

But maybe it they were still alive we wouldn’t have gone to NZ and so it appears they are still encouraging me to explore, even without them here anymore.

Though I would happily swap it all for another day together, even though I am also happy they have not had to endure the hardship that COVID has placed on the country. I can’t imagine what it would be like for them to have to deal with it and I have nothing but admiration for any person trying to manage/balance that situation with their own family.

But we’re off … and frankly, the idea of going to New Zealand feels like one of the greatest gift in the World.

That we will soon be in a country where WE CAN GO OUT TO DINNER IN A RESTAURANT seems almost impossible.

That we will soon be in a country where Otis CAN PLAY OUTSIDE WITH HIS [NEW] FRIENDS WHENEVER HE WANTS is a dream.

That we will soon be able to go visit Jill’s Mum IN A MATTER OF HOURS is madness, given it’s been 17 years since she could do that.

And that I get to do this while working at one of my favourite companies in the World – the brilliant Colenso – is, frankly, insane.

I’m so excited for the adventures we’ll have.
The experiences we will discover and learn from.
Not to mention the work I will able to be a part of creating.

That said, I cannot thank all the brilliant people who have made my return to England so special, enough.

I will miss so much about here, but the memories will also last me through till our return.

And we will be back.

Don’t know where. Don’t know when.

But – not wishing to make it sound like a threat – I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.

Take care of yourselves. Thank you for everything.

See you on the other side. Literally and metaphorically.

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This won’t be your last post. But this is a nice one.

Comment by Pete


Comment by Bazza

We’ll see.
I’m not saying I won’t post stuff on social, I just won’t post on here. Let’s be honest, there’s no way I won’t be posting on social. hahaha.

Comment by Rob

I wonder if the people you listed would be happy to be listed?

Comment by Bazza

You don’t have to wonder do you. Asshole. Haha

Comment by Rob

Of course we will meet again. You won’t stop till you crush us.

Comment by Bazza

Cockroach campbell.

Comment by Billy Whizz

If the name fits.

Comment by Bazza

I don’t want to crush you, that would end the pain. I want to torment you. I can’t believe you still haven’t worked that out after all this time. Cue: Evil Laugh.

Comment by Rob

*screengrab* Send to cops.

Comment by DH

So you’re saying thank you to all the people you’ve met in England who don’t comment on your blog. And ignoring all the people on your blog who are not in England. You’re mean Robert, so mean. But this is a nice read. I agree with Pete this won’t be your last post but I am excited by your new adventure. What you and the family do is incredible and I know you will be as successful there as you have been wherever you live. There are many who claim to have a global outlook. I would say there is not many who could hold a candle to you. It’s an incredible legacy.

Comment by George

Yes, that seems exactly what I’m saying. Haha.

You’re being very nice to me. What’s wrong?

Comment by Rob

this is the second time in a week george has been a prick to you. well done george. youve got 30 fucking years to make up for.

Comment by andy@cynic

No need to say good luck, you’ll be ace.
Enjoy middle earth

Comment by Northern

You kept that quiet!

Comment by John

Very mischievous John.

Comment by Lee Hill

smartass. i like it. but not your ass.

Comment by andy@cynic

too fucking right well meet again campbell. it will be in hell and ill finally have proof you sold your soul to satan for a get rich quick and undeservedly scheme.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

If there has ever been an incentive to be a good person, it’s the thought of this.

Comment by Bazza

So you managed one day before writing a post. Well done.

Comment by Bazza

Still no post. But I see you’re posting like a demon on twitter ; )

Comment by Pete

have you heard? the fucker has bought a house in nz already. hes going to the only country that has their shit together, will earn squillions at one of the last fucking decent agencies left and now gets to live in fucking luxury. he is the jammiest motherfucker on the entire fucking planet.

Comment by andydy@cynic

What a time to be alive.

Comment by John

He’s from Nottingham. All the good fortune in the world can’t beat that.

Comment by Bazza

He’s giving it a good go.

Comment by DH

The moment he’s en route, New Zealand experiences three big earthquakes. Coincidence?

Comment by John

ok campbell. when is this shit back. im having problems sleeping and i need some of your fresh mind numbing shit to get me back to sleep.

Comment by andy@cynic

Your dreams have come true.


Comment by Rob

now im fucking depressed.

Comment by andy@cynic

It lasted longer than I imagined. But your linkedin/twitter ranting definitely filled the gap.

Comment by Pete

Hahahaha … yes I have Pete, but if it’s any consolation, I’ve written blog posts up until May 1.

I’m not even joking.

Comment by Rob

My money’s on the April 14 post being a new low.

Comment by John

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m still waiting.

Comment by Bazza

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