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Home Is A Place In The Mind …

As I wrote a while back, we are looking to buy a family home.

Well the good news is we have found one – and while we don’t move into it till December – we’re already getting excited about it.

But as I also wrote, to help us buy it, I was going to sell the house I inherited when Mum died.

The house that was my home for my entire childhood and early twenties.

Well, it has been sold and while I know my Mum would be incredibly happy the proceeds have helped her beloved son buy a home for his family, it’s still quite an emotional wrench.

I absolutely think I’ve done the right thing.

The street I grew up on all those years has changed beyond recognition.

Neighbours have gone.

The college at the end of the street has been knocked down.

My connection to the area is no longer what it once was.

But despite that, it will always hold a special place in my heart … a place that represents ‘childhood’ … a place where it was just Mum, Dad and me and I will treasure that forever.

Anyway, one of the things we have been doing while the purchase goes through has been to visit the house.

Part of this is my way of saying goodbye.

Part of this is to take some flowers so we can plant them in our new place and have a bit of my history in my present.

Part of this is just to let Otis feel a connection to a place that was so important to his Dad and – for a period of 3 weeks in 2015 – was where he also lived.

And while just spending a few minutes there every odd weekend may seem very small, I cannot tell you how much it has helped me reclaim some connection to my roots.

The picture at the top of this page, is one of those connections.

Seeing Otis in the garden I used to play in was wonderful.

The garden my parents absolutely treasured and loved.

It brought back all sorts of memories … from hiding under those fern trees playing ‘hide and seek’ through to running through a small gap that existed between the garden and the street [right behind where Otis is standing] that meant I could have a quick getaway when playing British bulldog or simply wanting to get to the ice cream van before anyone else.

That home will always be special to me.

That garden will always remind me of my parents.

The memories created in that house will always be previous.

And while I will soon say goodbye to it [though I have had it written into the contract I can visit it once every 5 years] I will forever be grateful for all it gave me … from a childhood home filled with happiness and love, through to giving me the chance to buy a house where my family can create the sort of memories that will be as precious to Otis as Nottingham was to me.

Thank you Mum and Dad, you keep on taking care of me.

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A delightful post filled with delightful memories. I am very happy you have found a family home. I hope Otis comes to feel it is as special to him as you feel about the home you grew up in. I’m sure he will because it is more to do with being surrounded by love than bricks and of that, there is no doubt.

Comment by Lee Hill

Let’s hope so Lee. But we are excited to give him a home where he will be there for years rather than months. He deserves that and – honestly – so does Jill.

Comment by Rob

jill and otis deserve a fuckload more after having to put up with you campbell. diplomatic immunity would be a good start.

Comment by andy@cynic

Whenever I hear “diplomatic immunity” I hear it in a South African accent from lethal weapon.

Comment by DH


Comment by Jemma King

More property than trump.

Comment by Billy Whizz

no golf courses though so hes still not at peak cock. yet.

Comment by andy@cynic

A glimpse into young Robert. You were nicer then weren’t you?

Lovely photo of Otis and the garden.

Comment by George

Yes … massively nicer, ha.

Comment by Rob

Congratulations on your devolution.

Comment by George

It’s hardly a new thing. Been happening for 40+ years.

Comment by DH

I assume the buyers insisted on a clause which covers who pays for their therapy sessions after your five-yearly visits,

Comment by John

your parents would be so fucking happy with that photo. best thing you ever did for them campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Otis is beautiful.

Comment by Katerina

Roots are deep within us Rob, roots are mich like seed that’s deep in our psyche and being. Stay blessed I am sure your mom & dad are smiling and happy seeing you sow seeds of root for their grandkids!

Comment by Suraja Kishore

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