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A House Of Brands Or A House Of Cards?

Yes it’s real.

Yes, it has been out for at least 4 months.

And yes, there are so many things I could say about it … but I’m relying on you do it for me.

I will say this however …

When I worked on Old Spice at Wieden – which was only for Asia and had little to do with the great work from Portland – we were adamant that while the creativity should be allowed to explore all manner of mad worlds, the packaging/fragrances had to communicate stability because otherwise there was the danger the whole brand would look like one giant joke.

Or said another way …

The product had to allow madness around it rather than try to compete with it.

I’ll leave it there, over to you …

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This can’t be BBH.

Comment by George

I’ve just looked. It isn’t. I’m so relieved.

Comment by George


Comment by Rob

I always remember one of my first clients told me, when you try to be deliberately different, you don’t look cool, you look desperate.

Comment by George

No doubt this will be explained as ‘a provocative move to redefine the role of scent in our lives’.

But what I will say is that liking/hating the taste of something, doesn’t mean you will want to spray it all over yourself. I love kebabs, but I wouldn’t do that. Probably.

Comment by Rob

We’ve just discovered the best way to ensure social distancing.

Comment by Pete

Or an unexpected vaccine for corona virus.

Comment by Bazza

Going from spray on sex to spray on shit.
Good thinking you stupid planner twats.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Yep, that’s a pretty fair point.

Comment by Rob

The category is built on confidence. What is the confidence this product offers their customers?

Comment by Lee Hill

The confidence to have people smell you and call you a bloody idiot.

Comment by Rob

strategists. wankers.

Comment by andy@cynic

Brand purpose, limited edition sneaker collaborations and stuff like this – it’s all marketing via press release, it’s gimmicks all the way down and it’s the epitome of short-term tactics at the expense of longer-term strategy.

Comment by John

Yep. I would value it more if it was linked to something more long-term … more deeply connected to what they believe and work towards, but this ‘as long as it get’s attention it’s worth it’ attitude is not just short term, but – in the main – destructive rather than constructive.

Comment by Rob

a bunch of agencies made a bunch of unilever brands good and then the arrogant fucks thought they knew it all and took it from the agencies who made them and gave it to whoever would do whatever the fuck they wanted for the cheapest price. nothing shows your agency is fucked than working with unilever.

Comment by andy@cynic

Nailed it.

Comment by DH

I am inclined to agree.

Comment by George

I had to look up marmite. I’ve seen horror movies that are more welcoming.

Comment by DH

fucking liteweight.

Comment by andy@cynic

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