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And You Thought The Mouldy BK Burger Ad Was Provocative …

The fast food industry is having a hard time.

As tastes change and a more healthy lifestyle becomes more desirable, it is getting more difficult for them to operate as they once did.

While some brands are evolving their offering – like McDonald’s – others are taking a more pragmatic perspective.

The most famous, recent example is the BK Mouldy Burger which ignited all manner of debate – often with people quick to say it won’t work without anyone actually knowing what the goal of the work actually was.

Well in South Korea there’s a burger company that makes BK look positively innocent.

It’s not just how they used Supreme to inspire their logo in a way Uncle Martian would be jealous of.

Nor is it their audacious copyright infringement of famous cartoon characters to talk about themselves.

And it’s not even their proud claims of being ‘100% Beef Meat’.

No … it’s none of those, it’s their utter confidence of their product over their competitors.

Take a look …

Amazing eh?

Not just the aggressiveness … but the choice of words.

Linking the words ‘burgers’ and ‘shit’ makes a mouldy burger look positively appetising.

Then there’s the fact it’s in English.

When I lived in China, there were a bunch of stores that used English in their copy.

Sometimes it was for the audience it was targeting.

Sometimes it was because they thought it made them look ‘sophisticated’.

But a lot of the time – as I think is the case here – they did it because it enhanced their ‘authenticity’.

Given burgers are very American, I feel their idea was that by using English and being aggressive in their tone, they encapsulated the American spirit and as such, could say their burgers were authentic.

Of course, given Burger King and McDonald’s are also American slightly undermines that idea, but hey – it doesn’t seem they really put too much thought into how they came across.

I must admit, when I saw it, I couldn’t help feel it was like a Viz fake-ad from the 80’s.

Viz – for those who don’t know – was/is an English ‘adult-humour’ comic.

Years ago, I approached them about starting an ad agency.

They said no, which still disappoints me as not only were their spoof ads brilliant, but based on both Billionbox and BK’s recent work … there’s more and more brands seemingly trying to copy their style but without the brilliance, clarity, humour or memorability as them.

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Funny. But Viz wins.

Comment by George

When I wrote funny, I meant it from the copyright infringement attorney perspective.

Comment by George

3 infringements just looking at the store. Impressive.

Comment by Pete

All this proves is that anyone can be disruptive if you are so happy to flaunt other people’s copyright. Ha.

That said, I now understand the difference between provocative and disruptive in advertising.

Disruptive is simply being different to the category norms.
Provocative simply challenges the beliefs or values of the audience.

Comment by Rob

That’s a good distinction Robert. But they do call it “cultural provocation” which was a pretty big clue. ; )

Comment by George


Comment by Pete

campbell you twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

Viz is supposed to be funny, Billionbox for the win.

Rob. Do you still have the print of this poster?

Comment by Bazza

Yep. Signed by the Viz founders. It has pride and place in an office full of the sort of art no gallery would want to be seen dead owning.

Comment by Rob

another fucking thing you stole from me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Their brand purpose document must make fascinating reading.

Comment by Pete

I particularly like they start it with “we believe” for added purpose/manifesto authenticity.

Comment by George

I would love to see this as a Super Bowl ad.

Comment by Rob

I like their umbrella holder. I like they’ve made the product description face out to the street in case that tempts a passerby into the store.

Comment by Pete

Covering all possibilities. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I want an unshit, 100% beef meet burger from Billionbox.

Comment by Bazza

And right there is the campaign slogan. They should be paying us for this. That is if they have any money left after all the legal cases.

Comment by Rob

Just looked at your Uncle Martian post again. Arguably they are even more audacious than Billionbox. Of course, for audacious I mean plagiarists.

Comment by George

That’ll cure your insomnia.

Comment by John

at least they have a fucking point of view on their food. loses something when theyre as comfortable as a nottinghamsider with stealing from every fucker they can find.

Comment by andy@cynic

Give with one hand. Take with the other.

Comment by Pete

Your briefs used to leave the taste of shit in my mouth.

Comment by Billy Whizz


Comment by Bazza

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