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If The Woods Are Burning, The Streets Are Screaming …

Hello daaaaarlings, I’m back.

What an amazing week.

I met so many incredible people and not one of them looked too disgusted at my outfits … except the designer from Celine, but then I was wearing a t-shirt featuring an image of my cat.

She literally asked, “which designer is that” … and when I told her it wasn’t a designer, it was my 16 year old cat, she smiled a smile that failed to convey her utter fear – to which she made her excuses and got the hell away from me, hahahaha.

That aside, the conference was a celebration of creativity and the stories that inspire it … which may explain why I loved the tweet – from Nick Beggs, at the top of this page – so much.

For those who don’t know who Nick is, he’s the virtuoso bass player who was once in the band Kajagoogoo.

This is what Kajagoogoo looked like.

For reference, Nick is the blonde spiky haired guy in the middle.

And for those who don’t know what the ‘Too Shy’ he’s refereeing to is … it’s this.

Oh – and finally – if you’re wondering why I called him a bass playing virtuoso, it’s because of this … playing with another 80’s icon, Howard Jones./font>

But the reason I love this tweet is not because I’m a fan of Nick or Kajagoogoo or even Howard – it’s because of that photo he posted.

Look at it.

A nondescript flat.

Nothing fancy. Nothing grand.

A place like millions all across England.

Filled with everyday people from all walks of life.

Likely struggling to balance the never-ending demands of life.

And yet, in 1982, some young guys got together and wrote one of the iconic songs of the 80’s.

Changing their life and creating a legacy.

And that’s what I think is so fucking fantastic about it …

A reminder that while so many in our industry like to talk about the processes and eco-systems, the reality of creativity is its born from environments – both physical and personal.

We are in danger of forgetting that.

We will be – and are – worse off for following that.

Hiring an ever-ending production line of similar people.
Putting the same set of case-studies on the same pedestals.
Following the same group of ‘best practice’ models that get us to the same places.
Forcing creativity to fit inside structures designed for convenience rather than connection.
People in power valuing duplication, rather than originality.

It’s why creating the conditions for creativity to thrive is not some sort of superficial vanity.

It’s total, fucking sanity.

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