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In The MetaVerse, One Person Is Outside Laughing At All Of Us …

OK, I should point out I actually think the Metaverse has incredible potential.

It could revolutionise education, medicine and ignite the creation of industries that don’t even exist yet. Which is why I am still utterly baffled why Zuckerberg thought the best way to sell the technology was by putting out that utterly shit video … where you saw him and his ‘mates’ not only do things that are all possible right now, but were worse in terms of quality, creativity and interactivity.

And then I saw this picture and everything became clear …

Maybe Zuck doesn’t give a damn about the Metaverse.

Maybe he doesn’t want to help humanity evolve and develop.

Maybe the only reason he’s doing it is for the same reason a lot of conmen do things …

Because when you can distract your target, you can rob them when they’re not looking.

Now before Mr Z’s lawyers try and sue me for every penny I’ve got for saying that, I would like to point out two things.

1. I said ‘maybe’ …

That means I am absolutely not suggesting Mr Zuckerberg is a conman or only doing Metaverse for conman purposes. I am only suggesting that could be possible, however unlikely that is. Similar to me saying I could be a catwalk model.

2. Be honest. That photo is very, very creepy.

Whoever allowed that photo to get out at Facebook … I mean Meta … was either an idiot or a hero. Because when I look at that photo, I can’t help but think of this ad … except with a totally different ending.

Rather than everyone being saved in the nick of time – thanks to the hero coming in at the last moment and destroying the screen that is hypnotising and blinding the audience so they follow the words of evil – no one comes to save them, so evil walks past all of his hypnotised and blinded victims, smiling to himself that’s he got them exactly where he wants them.


That photo is not about the future but wealth and arrogance. I didn’t work for Zuck for long but so know that photo is his wet dream.

Comment by Bazza

that was an even more fucked up decision than working for campbell. though you got paid fuckloads more so campbell is still the worst decision.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Bazza

Strictly speaking, I didn’t hire you Bas, Andy did … so he deserves the credit for your ‘worst decision of your life’ award. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Even Birkenstock wouldn’t want you as a catwalk model and that’s the only thing you’re qualified for.

Comment by Bazza

what the fuck is that photo?
zuck looks like the happiest serial killer ive never seen.

Comment by andy@cynic

Oh lord.

Comment by George

Wonder how long till you’re banned from facebook, whatsapp and insta. It would make the world feel better about Zuck. But not this photo.

Comment by DH

That photo is nearly six years old.

Comment by John

I was going to say the same thing. It shows his single mindedness to make the metaverse happen. But it is disappointing that his focus on what it can become remains so small and self serving.

Comment by Pete

That is what happens when no one is allowed to say no to him.

Comment by George

Are you guys talking about Rob?

Comment by John


Comment by Rob

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