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Prepare For Change …

So as you read this, I’ll be on a plane to NY.

Which means there’ll be no blog posts for a whole week.

Better yet, when I’m back, there’ll only be some rubbish for a few days because I’ll be going back to America for 10 days.

Seriously, I don’t know why I moved given I’m spending so much time there.

Oh hang on, yes I do …

Anyway, while I’m gone I hope to set up my response to the post I wrote regarding the systematic destruction of employee confidence and optimism by bad managers.

As I mentioned a while back, when I wrote that post, someone wrote to me asking if it was about them.

I told them that if they feel guilt, then maybe they need to take a look at how they conduct themselves because I mentioned no names or places in my post.

Which led to the idea of setting up a blog of corporate gaslighting.

I would love to fill it with anonymous stories of systematic corporate abuse so that anyone who goes there and thinks a story is specifically about their actions, they will be forced to look at their attitude and behaviours and hopefully change them.

As much as I was tempted to name names and destroy careers, the reality is that would just make me as bad as them.

I know that sometimes good people do bad things – often influenced by issues going on in their life we have no knowledge of – which is why my hope is that if they go to this site and recognize some of the behaviors that are being described, it might help jolt them back into the right frame of mind and actively work on changing their approach to their role.

And if it doesn’t?

Well then they’re not a good person and they deserve all they get … which, I hope, will happen more because this site will give the people subjected to this abuse the confidence and reassurance they’re not alone and can take a stand against it, with our backing.

Ultimately, I just want to try and change a situation that is happening much more than people seem to think. Part of this is because the people who subject others to this abuse, make them feel so worthless, they believe it’s all their fault and so reporting it would ultimiately be like advertising their own inadequacies.

Being told you’re wrong is fine when it’s done by people that you feel genuinely care about your improvement. But being told you’re wrong by people who are doing it to protect or further themselves – especially at the expense of someone elses self belief – is abuse, pure and simple.

I recently registered the domain for the website …TheyTriedToKillMeButI.Live

I hope people will help me populate the site and spread the word.

See you in a week.

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thank fuck im in canada.

Comment by andy@cynjc

but i approve of this “fuck with the managers who fuck with their people” plan. might be the best thing you’ve done after conning me to start a company with you and conning jill to start a life with you. never would believe i got the better end of the deal. or the less shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Damn straight

Comment by Rob (the other one)

Brilliant work on seeing this issue through Robert. It was amazing that you wrote about this subject from your personal perspective. This is next level. I hope you get the support you deserve and encourage the change that is badly needed.

Comment by George


Comment by Jemma King

You’re spending more time in the US than when you lived here.

Great initiative Rob. Would love to help any way I can.

Comment by Pete

You are a very good person Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

Thanks Rob. This is important stuff. It sometimes feel like the soul of our industry is at stake. From a place for smart people, beautiful thinking and culture-shifting ideas (at least in my opinion) to a nasty scrap to survive. We’re eating our own tail.

Comment by Theodore

You’re doing really important work! I would love to be an anon but the ground that I stand on is already shaky.

Comment by Seven_Sandwiches

you still here campbell? when the fuck is it safe to walk my streets again?

Comment by andy@cynic

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