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Weigel And Me …

As some of you know, I trained to be a teacher.

Admittedly it took me 5 years to qualify instead of 2, but my plan was that I would eventually leave this industry and become a teacher in the areas of creativity and innovation.

Then I started, and ran, The Kennedy’s, Wieden’s creative talent incubator and it all changed.

Not because I discovered I didn’t love teaching – quite the opposite – but that I love doing it through chaos, not order.

Now given most teaching jobs prefer the latter more than the former, that put me in a bit of a predicament … carry on with my plan and risk not enjoying myself or find another outlet.

Well, the reality is I’m a long way off leaving this industry, but if I am going to teach, I need to do it on my terms, not an education boards … especially as more and more teachers are being graded by their students which has to be one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard.

So why am I writing this?

Well I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while and thanks to the experience I’ve had with the Advertising Planning School on the Web [APSOTW] and HOALA, I realized one area I like helping people learn, is advertising strategy.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, “the last thing Campbell needs to teach is ad strategy” and you’re right, that’s why I’ve somehow managed to convince the best advertising strategist in the World to do it with me.

Yes, that’s right … the majestical Professor, Mr Martin Weigel.

Now Mr Weigel’s brilliance is well documented – hell, I even wrote a love letter post about him not that long ago – which is why even if you ignore everything I say [which, let’s face it, we all know you will] you’ll still learn really valuable stuff from it.

I should point out, we’re not leaving our jobs* – this is a little side hustle business, where a couple of times a year, we’ll turn up in a country to see who is interested in doing a couple of days planning workshop – but it is something we both are very passionate about doing because we both feel there is not enough training going on in the industry these days.

Yes, there are schools of planning and yes, there might be the odd training workshop at an agency, but at a time where more and more brands seem to favour efficiencies and process over creativity and possibilities, we believe strategic radicalism is needed more than ever which is why we want to offer something that will help planners reveal, release and exercise their most dangerous mind.

We’re still finalising our first session, but if you want to know more [if only to start pre-seeding it with your bosses, hahaha] then visit here and put your name down so we can send you information when things are finalized or if you want to talk about your organisation’s training needs [whether you’re on the agency or client side] drop us a note at

I’m super excited to be doing this, especially with a man who I bloody love to death, so I hope people/agencies will see the worth in it or our egos are about to get deflated quicker more than one of Jordan’s implants.

All this leaves me to say is a big thanks to the wonderful Mercedes – Martin’s much, much better half – who ordered us to do this because she thought we’d be good at it, though I have a feeling she talked to Jill and decided this was their way to get us out of their homes.

Now that’s the sort of strategy we could all learn from.

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I am sure you will be very successful with individuals, agencies and companies. I would like to talk to you about doing some training here so how will you decide where to go first if this is a part time gig?

Comment by Pete

remember people, the initials are wc because theyre taking the fucking piss.

Comment by andy@cynic

will you be teaching your photoshop skills campbell because based on the photo leading this post, you fucking shouldnt.

Comment by andy@cynic

If he teaches photoshop or design he will be sued by everyone.

Comment by DH

Does the world need more danger than it already has? Especially your unique brand of danger.

Comment by DH

Excellent idea, properly excellent. That said, don’t try and teach them what planners should wear, or use any music references at all

Comment by Northern

And do I get a discount when you come to the UK

Comment by Northern

This is very exciting. Congratulations to you both.

Comment by Lee Hill

weigels missus had to make you do it? shes either the real brains behind your stuff or an evil fucking genius.

Comment by andy@cynic

So you’re saying that APSOTW and The Kennedys were a ploy to crowd-source your side-hustle? Impressive.

Comment by John

Once people get past the grumpiness, I think they will find it very valuable. Congratulations.

Comment by Bazza

How will you find the time to see Jill and Otis?

Comment by Mary Bryant

You’re assuming they want me to spend time with them, ha. Don’t worry, they’re still and always the priority.

Comment by Rob

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