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How To Be Great In The Real World …

There are a lot of quotes out on social media that explains how to make great creative work. Hell, a bunch of them are probably mine.

But putting aside the fact many of the quotes originate from people who, arguably, haven’t done much work that is deserving of that description – all of them, in their own way, are right.

And that’s great, because the survival of this industry is down to making work that is great and achieves great things for those it’s for.

But the problem with those quotes is they often reflect an unrealistic World.

One where time … or budget … or client mandatories don’t matter.

Which is why this quote from Leonard Bernstein is so good.

Because it captures how to get to great in the real World.

We need more of this.

I think people want more of this.

Because not only is there a distinct lack of training in our industry at the moment – and what is there is often from the same outsourced ‘gurus’ everyone else is outsourcing to – but Fergus, from OnStrategy, told Paula, Martin and I how so many young planners outside of the ‘big cities’ end up thinking they have no chance to make something even good, as they lack the tools, processes and infrastructure to do what the people on his show said they did.

It’s why we ensured in our Cannes talk we put 3 practical pieces of advice that anyone could use … because if we want to change the standards, we need everyone to have the ability to do that, not just the privileged big city types.

Which is why I leave you with this.

Because as much as time can help craft, a lack of it can force audacious leaps.

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