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People In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Be Throwing Stones …

One of the things I hated when I lived in China was hearing people slag off the country for all manner of things.

While some of the accusations were true, the reality was China was not the only country that participated in such behaviour but people chose to ignore that.

Not that I’m defending what was going on, because even though I rarely saw any of it – in fact I saw more in the US and UK when I lived there – I knew it was going on.

However there were some claims that showed people didn’t know what the fuck they were going on about.

The amount of people who would come to Shanghai from America and say, “let’s do ideas that force the government to deal with the pollution crisis”.

They’d say it like they were the very first people to identify China had a problem with pollution – which is possibly the greatest sign of arrogance you could have. So we would tell them.

China knows there is a pollution problem.

They are actively fighting it.

They’ve been the biggest investor in green tech for decades.

Proportionally, they still pump out less pollution into the air than America.

In fact, up until the last few years, they pumped out less pollution than America full stop.

America had been doing that for decades.

And there’s parts of London with a higher pollution index than most parts of China.

Then they’d stop acting like they’re a superhero and start understanding their perspective had been driven by media bias not cultural understanding.

But there were some things that were accusations. The lack of respect for copyright being one.

Of course, it’s not just in China this happens, but it definitely happens there. A lot.

Even now, I still think Uncle Martian is peak-plagiarism … mainly because they didn’t just make replicas and sell them as originals, they created a whole new brand based on the intellectual property of brands including Jordan and Under Armour.

I say that because I recently saw another version of this.

Maybe not quite as bad as Uncle Martian, but pretty terrible al the same.

But not from China … so you can keep your prejudiced thoughts to yourself.

It’s that brand at the top of this post that looks awfully like this …

I am an enormous fan of Liquid Death.

I love what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

Not only are they the true embodiment of a cult brand – with some amazing cult behaviours, such as their $100,000 country club membership … or buy a slab of Liquid Death – they have made drinking water in public cool for men.

That’s something no other beverage brand has pulled off.

So while I am sure they would think someone ripping them off is a sign they’re doing something right, it’s also a sign some lazy, parasitic pricks are ripping them off.

Though as George once said when we once pitched an idea to a client who said, “but what if we just asked another agency to do your idea for cheaper?”

If you choose to go with someone copying someone else’s idea rather than the people who actually came up and created the idea, then you deserve all the disappointment and confusion you get. Including the lawsuit.

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Well done George.

Comment by Lee Hill

he owes everything to me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Uncle martian is so next level crazy I want some.

Comment by DH

That the Chinese Supreme Court voted against a Chinese brand for copyright infringement is amazing and pleasing. Often their argument was – fairly – the rules of law were different there and so what may be seen as plagiarism in the West was not so cut and dry there. But as China becomes more and more a global nation, it seems they are [finally] evolving their policies.

I just wish they’d be more vocal against Russia’s evil in Ukraine. China definitely does not like conflict, but in not being vocal, they are complicit in Putin’s war and I don’t want that for a place I regard as my second home nor – obviously – the people in Ukraine who are suffering so much and yet being so inspiring in their fight back.

Comment by Rob

theyre the only fuckers that can pull putin in line without the world being burnt toast.

Comment by andy@cynic

What you’re saying is they’ve already become collectors items.

Comment by DH

Is the George moment the great Coca Cola moment?

Comment by Pete

You know it.

Comment by Rob

It is why I don’t drink their beverages any more. Unlike some Robert.

Comment by George

those fizzy motherfuckers.

Comment by andy@cynic

Liquid Death is one of the most interesting brands to have happened in years. Not just in the drinks category, but anywhere. But it does feel it owes its spirit to early Tango.

Comment by Pete

Having seen what Tango is these days, they’re much much better than Tango.

Comment by Rob

I still remember when we got an unknown James Cordon to basically play Wayne Green. Looking at it now and it has definitely not aged well – in fact the complete opposite – but the memory of seeing Wayne watch it, has.

Sorry Wayne.

Comment by Rob


Comment by John

Ironic you started corporate gaslighting.

Comment by Bazza

Good post Robert. I am unsure if I hate or admire Killsed for not even trying to be different.

Comment by George

you hate the fuckers george. do i have to tell you everything?

Comment by andy@cynic

Is the polluted part of London the one that was awash with SUVs?

Comment by John

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