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Hiding Behind A Mask …

Recently I was interviewed by 2 creatives who have set up a podcast about imposter syndrome.

As I wrote a while back, imposter syndrome affects pretty much everyone in the industry and can be utterly debilitating.

In that same post, I suggested one way to deal with it, is not to hide from it, but to embrace it.

Because in some circumstances, imposter syndrome can help your career.


It means it never let’s you phone something in.
It means it always demands you push your talent further.
It means it will force you to keep exploring possibilities.

I’m not saying that isn’t painful, but it may change your relationship with it … because instead of undermining your career, maybe you can use it to build it.


Anyway, I was interviewed about this and a bunch of other issues connected to imposter syndrome and if you want to listen to that – or the much better ones, such as Nils from Uncommon – then you can go here and find out more about something that more people than you’d imagine have to deal with.

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Nothing proves imposter syndrome doesn’t have to impede your career like your career. Looking forward to hearing this and comparing notes with my experience of you. LOL.

Comment by DH

I’d like to read those notes.

Even though I know you’re taking the piss, you’re right. Because while I have suffered from imposter syndrome all my life, it has driven me to keep pushing myself and not take things for granted. It weirdly encouraged me to leap when it would have been easier to stay where I am. But the reason I leapt wasn’ just because of the opportunity, but the chance to ‘start again’ … in the hope I would find a place where I felt I was not being an imposter. And while I have got better at managing it over the years, it’s still there. In the shadows. Making sure I keep working hard to minimise the potential of being ‘found out’.

Comment by Rob

still continuing your habit of turning up to the opening of a pair of fucking curtains then campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

He always checks if there’s freebies before hand.

Comment by Bazza

I’m from Nottingham. That teaches you to never look a gift horse in the mouth. Even if the people offering you the chance will learn to regret it. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Oh good, another podcast.

Comment by John

He’s on so many, it’s like he has his own weekly podcast series.

Comment by Bazza


Comment by John

Don’t give me ideas you’ll both regret.

Comment by Rob

Just make sure it’s a podcast with a mission. And a mantra.

Comment by John

Good interview with some very good advice Robert. Thank you.

Comment by Lee Hill

good because it wasnt 50 hours fucking long.

Comment by andy@cynic

Hahahahaha … John Dodds basically wrote to me to say the same thing.

Comment by Rob

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