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More Than The MD, But The Boss …

This is Angela.

Her official title is the Managing Director of Colenso.

But actually she’s the boss.

Not just because of how she is sitting, but because of how she operates.

Leading without dictating.

Encouraging without patronising.

Liberating without restricting.

The great, great thing about Angela is that for all the experience and success she’s gained, she is open and hungry to let the energy, ambition and values of youth to keep shaping and changing where we are going.

Angela’s strength is she wants everyone to win.

She opens the door to opportunities for talent to run in and do their thing rather than closing it behind her so she can have all the power.

But then female leadership has always seen winning differently to a lot of men.

Progress for all rather than power for one.

And before certain men start spouting their sexist shit at me like they did when I wrote about how more female leadership will give the industry a real chance to grow, I appreciate not all male leaders are like this.

But a hell of a lot are.

And – if you look at Corporate Gaslighting and/or read Zoe Scaman’s brilliant, brave but totally unsurprising Mad Men and Furious Women – many of them are doing stuff … and are being allowed to get away with stuff, often by companies that talk about their commitment to their staffs wellbeing and mental health … that is a fuckload worse.

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what you havent mentioned is this photo is her reaction to hearing you talk. shes not looking at a screen, shes just making sure she isnt looking at you. smart as fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

I knew I’d seen that pose before.

Comment by DH

Trust me, I’ve seen it more than all of you put together.

Comment by Rob

Angela rocks.

Comment by Jemma King

And now she has to deal with Rob.
How many obstacles does she have to face?

Comment by DH

Life is so unfair.

Comment by Rob

Just the sort of person to keep a “renowned marketing supremo” in line.

Comment by John

whoever said that shit better be using renowned as code for fucking old.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think they DEFINITELY meant it in that context.

Comment by Rob

Love this Robert.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Oh my god, you and Angela would be best mates.

Comment by Rob

I look forward to meeting her when we visit you in NZ.

Comment by Mary Bryant

We need more posts like this.
Not by you Robert, but in general.

Comment by Lee Hill

Good Coachi

More Than The MD, But The Boss … | The Musings Of An Opinionated Sod [Help Me Grow!]

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