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Proof Comedy Is All About Timing …

Just as the UK Government announced the second wave of COVID rules – ie: work from home and stay at home, despite the fact a couple of weeks earlier, they had announced go to your offices and go out and eat and drink with people – I saw this ‘ad’ on Twitter.

Comic timing genius.

Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe it’s not ridiculous after all.

Maybe it’s designed to inspire Brits to visit their country when the Government do their next u-turn on thinking again.

Or maybe it’s an example of the brilliant ‘direct to consumer’ targeting we hear so many companies go on about.

But if that’s the case, I would suggest they made a mistake targeting me, because surely the individual they should be talking to is Dominic ‘I visit castles’ Cummings?

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Visit england. See a place slightly less fucked than america.

Comment by Bazza

Well, depending on the upcoming US election results, we may overtake you on that.

Comment by Rob

No one should take that for granted.

Comment by George

We’re good to go? Haven’t the government banned all the main travel spots?.

Comment by George

Think so. There’s been whole parts of the UK that have been cordoned off from tourists.

What’s interesting is it’s half term this week so we will see loads of entitled Brits either trying – or complaining – about not being able to take their kids somewhere.

I get the importance of being outside the house, I don’t get the entitlement that only a holiday will do.

Comment by Rob

If they weren’t encouraging people to travel immediately, I would understand the reasons for this campaign. To encourage people to travel now is a waste of money.

Comment by Pete


Comment by Rob

In this agile, fast-moving world, the marketing industry takes great pride in crafting messaging of the highest relevance and the deepest resonance. Great pride and so much time.

Comment by John

And when you add in the UK Government to that mix, that ‘high relevant’ marketing message becomes so relevant … it’s before it has even become relevant.

That’s how in-tune the Tories are with everyday people’s needs. I mean, it’s only a matter of time before we realise them voting down feeding kids over winter was an act of incredible foresight.

Or – possibly – another act of delusional, arrogant, selfish, elitist shit.

Comment by Rob

There are three relevants in that first sentence and I’m not sure any of the are.

Comment by John

There are three relevants in that first sentence and I’m not sure any of them are.

Comment by John

Is that why you wrote your comment twice John?

Comment by George

No George, I was A/B testing two subtly different comments.

Comment by John

Politics is the best joke but no one finds it funny.

Comment by DH

That’s because the people are the punchline.

Comment by George

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