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There’s A Reason There’s Called Unicorns …

So did you get over your first day back at work?

What was worse … that, or this blog restarting.

Yeah … thought so.

Well I have some good news, because as you read this, I’m on my way to Shanghai.

And there’s better news … this means there won’t be any posts till Friday.

How good is that, 2 days into 2020 blogging and already you’re having a break.

But don’t get too happy, remember I said I would be back on Friday.

So back to those unicorns.

And more specifically, why Wall Street investors like to label certain companies with that moniker.

Well the answer is easy, because they don’t exist … at least not in the way they claim.

Especially when held under a microscope.

Think about it …



And then WeWork.

Mind you, given how much one of the founders walked away with – despite highly questionable practices, including copyrighting then selling to the company the word ‘we’ – there is definitely a reason why some people are called white collar criminals.

And they say crime doesn’t pay …

See you Friday.

Enjoy the early days of peace.


You are kidding me. Already? I’m impressed and shocked at your freebie prowess.

Comment by Bazza

He’s still got it.

Comment by George

and no other fucker wants it.

Comment by andy@cynic

You spend more time in China than when you lived there.

WeWork gives people a thousand reasons why they shouldn’t believe the investment banks. It also shows the power of a good story. At least till the rose tinted glasses come off and you see the company either has no money or the founders are thieves.

Comment by Pete

When you charge your own company $5 million to “buy” the word we, you’re at Bernie Madoff levels of conman.

Comment by George

except in corporate fuckwit america they think thats fucking genius. pricks.

Comment by andy@cynic

“They call them unicorns because they don’t exist”, is brilliant.
I will definitely be quoting that.

Comment by George

Ironic they lost so much of their value by trying to profit from their IPO value.

Comment by DH

WeWork was a good idea that got ruined by greed, arrogance and ego. The 3 elements that ruin a lot of good ideas.

Enjoy Shanghai Robert. I am sure you both miss each other very much.

Comment by Lee Hill

sounds like the fucking minimum requirements to be a republican presidential candidate.

Comment by andy@cynic

wework are a bunch of wankers and the people behind the fucking con got paid handsomely for their bullshit. thats a bigger con than a fucking planner.

and why has no fucker worked out the real reason campbell is in commieland? his work mates couldnt fucking stand the idea of starting the year dealing with that cock so they sent him as far away as possible so he wouldnt force them to commit suicide. smart but not as smart as they would be if theyd not hired the fucker.

Comment by andy@cynic

[…] more specifically, how the Messiah complex of one of the founders led to him ultimately screwing the company up with an ill-advised planned […]

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