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Donn. Rohn. Is. Gone …

When you start a new adventure – be it a new country or company – it can be daunting.

Of course no one starts a new adventure without there being a reason for it, but that still doesn’t mean you don’t find yourself being pulled into looking at what you are losing rather than what you could gain.

But good things can – and do – happen, of which one of them is meeting new people who make your new adventure more fulfilling and exciting.

One of those people is a guy called Donn Rohn.

I never knew Donn before I started at Deutsch. In fact on my first day at work, when I saw him, I thought he looked a bit of a dick, despite the fact a guy who used to work with him told me he was good.

But once I got talking to him, I realised almost immediately that it was only his walk that made him look an asshole [I’m serious, his walk is a cross between Dirty Harry and John Wayne] because the truth is, he’s as honourable a man as I have ever met in my life.

Defender of his team.
A leader not a manager.
Committed to doing the right thing.
Empathetic, passionate, a dry sense of humour that drives brilliantly evil turns of phrase … he’s just a great human being and that’s before I mention how great a colleague, friend, husband and father he is.

I say all this because he leaves us today.

As sad as that is – and it really is – he’s off to do something that will change the path of his life so I’m genuinely happy and excited for him and his family because they deserve nothing but good things.

While I would have loved our time together to be longer, I’m grateful I met him and even more that I get to call him a mate so while he leaves a huge hole behind – especially in his ability to rock ‘grandpa sweaters’ that take no prisoners [his leaving present is the picture accompanying this post] – he also leaves a legacy of how to be a good human in a business that often tries its best to destroy that in all of us.

Thank you for everything Donn, never change.

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If you’re reading this Donn, Rob thinks the pa sweater is cool. This is his way of saying he likes you. That’s why we all left.

Comment by Billy Whizz

It’s not just cool, it’s fashionable.
Not birkenstock fashionable, but close.

Comment by Rob

The man’s a trend-setter. And I’m not talking about his fashion sense.

Comment by John

I see what you did there.

Comment by DH

Are you saying I’m an influencer? Maybe Gary V will sign me up.

Comment by Rob

Quite the opposite. I was referring to the trend of leaving.

Comment by John

I know … but that’s still an influencer.

Comment by Rob

Seems Rob is still keeping bad novelty stores in business.

Comment by DH

And writing blog post bad poetry headlines.

Comment by DH

im literally the last person to defend campbell but its hard not to write bad fucking poetry when youre writing about someone with the name donn rohn.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s exactly what Jill said too.

Comment by Rob

another fucking ecstatic member of the ex-campbell colleagues club.

Comment by andy@cynic

Biggest fan club in the world.

Comment by DH

I think it’s referred to as a survivor group.

Comment by Bazza

Nice to see you still show your generosity with acts of evil.

Comment by Bazza

Evil? You mean you didn’t like your customised ‘Bazza Lego Town’ game when you left cynic?

Comment by Rob

I actually believe you are surprised.

Comment by Bazza

Donn must be special for you to bypass your 7 year friend apprentice rule.

Comment by George

La La Land has mellowed him.

Comment by John

Donn is over the moon.

And yes, I am wearing a Christmas t-shirt in February. Deal with it conformists.

Comment by Rob

Where is your neck?

Comment by DH

Terrible jumper. Wonderful post.

Comment by Lee Hill

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