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My Friend Paul Is A Hero To Me …
March 1, 2018, 6:15 am
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As many of you know, my oldest and dearest friend is Paul.

We were born 4 days apart and have spent all our lives together.

Through school.

Through our teenage years.

Through the best of times and the worst.

Through moments of stupidity where we should have immediately denied knowing each other.

And while we have physically lived far apart from each other for over 20+ years, that bond is still there and it’s one I treasure so much.

Now, if you ask my wife or Paul’s wife what we’re like when we’re together, they would probably say we become our 9 year old selves.

Cheeky. Mischievous. Daft.

There’s definitely a lot of laughing.

And while we have only really had a couple of genuinely serious conversations in our life – forced on us due to tragic circumstances that was going on in our lives – I’ve always taken our friendship, and him, very seriously.

Put simply, Paul is a bit of a hero to me.

There’s a bunch of reasons for it, reasons I choose not to share as they’re very private and personal, but his attitude to life is one we should all aspire to, exemplified by the fact that at 47, he’s decided he wants a career change.

Now wanting a career change isn’t that unusual, but actually doing it – without circumstances dictating you have to – is.

You see Paul, a printer and part-time bouncer, is starting his own business.

A coffee business.

A mobile coffee business.

A mobile coffee business called The Frothy Coffee Man.

He’s bought a van with all the machinery, he’s done his training, he’s got his council approval and he will soon be located around parks in Nottingham helping tired Mum’s get their desperate hit of caffeine as their kids run them ragged.

Are their risks?

Sure – he knows that – but there’s far greater risk if he doesn’t.

For the last 20+ years, he’s been doing the same job in the same company, and while he enjoys it, he doesn’t want to be someone who has fallen into ‘comfortable’. He wants to challenge himself. He wants to be more in-control of his destiny. He wants to feel alive.

I think it’s wonderful.

I also think he’ll do brilliantly.

He’s cheeky, charming, kind and – at 6 foot 5 – a walking billboard for his company, so on top of buying a coffee if you ever find yourself in Nottingham, raise a glass for my best mate Paul … who is doing something the majority of us only wish we were doing.

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as long as he makes his coffee taste of coffee rather than coffee tasting milk, ill buy one off the fucker. anyone who has put up with you as long as he has deserves a break. good name and logo too. better at this marketing shit than you campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

I will never forget that Starbucks episode. Both hilariously funny and unbelievably uncomfortable. I’m pretty certain Paul’s coffee will meet with your approval.

Comment by Rob

but its a sweet post. hopefully a fuckload sweeter than his coffee.

Comment by andy@cynic

A man hanging around parks full of women? Don’t tell diet madison ave.
Congratulations Paul, it’s brilliant.

Comment by DH

Except when the UK is having a snow storm. Or maybe especially when the UK is having a snow storm.

Comment by DH

I’m all for DietMadisonAvenue to be honest … they’ve done more than anyone else … but if Paul was to ever appear on that, it would be because he’s helping people keep sane with his coffee than anything else.

Comment by Rob

Cheaper to buy a truck with coffee equipment in it than a venti latte from those Seattle thieves. Congrats Paul.

Comment by Bazza

It is delightful how open you are about your friendship with Paul. Your love for him shines through in this post.

Comment by Lee Hill

you mean how campbell wants to get a room and paul hopes its a prison cell?

Comment by andy@cynic

I am pretty certain that’s exactly what Paul will be thinking when he reads this post.

Comment by Rob

Congrats and Best of luck Paul..

Let’s hope the Mums (don’t) read about Campbell’s love letter to your horsecock..

Could bring a whole new meaning and business to Frothy Coffee man..

Comment by Niko

Only you could turn his company name into a Pornhub category. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I think you started it Rob.

Comment by DH

Really happy for him. I wish him all the best, much success and I very much hope he enjoys his new career.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Fantastic news Paul. I hope I can buy a coffee from you on my next trip to England.

Comment by George

Arrrrrrrr thanks Rob that’s a lovely post mate and means so much to me. Thanks a million for all yours and Jill’s help, don’t think we would of got this far so quick without all your input. The only problem we have now is we’re launching the business this weekend and at the moment have about 5inch of snow on the ground. Just hope the van makes it to the park at the weekend !!!!

Comment by Paul

The Frosty Coffee Man? Hope ypu get lots of publicity and customers.

Comment by John

Maybe for one week only it’ll be The Frosty Coffee Man…. kind of like it 👍

Comment by Paul

You mean all Jill did …

So happy and excited about this. It’s going to be great … even in the snow … though maybe instead of parks this weekend, you should be on the side of main roads where cars are stuck and need heat to survive.

Comment by Rob

His logo needs to be a Polar Bear with a pair of cool shades …

Comment by Ian Gee

WOW! I’m impressed. I’m at crossroads. My mum just passed away and I have to start a new life. Reading this helps give me courage.

Comment by Maria

Hey Paul… Best of luck today on the first day of yer business..

Comment by Niko

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