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Underwhelming Aspiration …

A few weeks ago, the Nottingham Evening Post had this story as the front page lead on their website …

Putting aside the fact it’s a story about a local cafe going up for sale … using the words ‘nice’ and ‘good’ to describe it hardly ignites excitement in you does it.

But there’s maybe something to learn from it.

The marketing world seems to think the way to connect to real life is via a firehose of marketing superlatives.


But maybe – just maybe – that approach has worn thin with culture.

What if they now can see past the hype and the spin and simply put up blinkers whenever faced with it.

That for all the eco-systems, friction removal processes and product subscriptions the real way to connect to them – or at least local communities – is via the anticlimactic wonderfulness of simply acknowledging you’re solid.

Not amazing.
Not outstanding.
Not revolutionary.
Not extraordinary.

Just solid.

The stuff that Martin Parr captures so well in his photography.

A grandeur in the ordinariness.

Something that allows us to connect to more easily than the most refined UX approach and feel more engaged with than the results of the most rigorous focus group.

Because maybe the marketing world’s strategy of elevating the importance of your individuality is no longer as influential or aspirational as the desire to feel part of something real.

Where a brands distinction is in their mundane honesty rather than their superlatives or brand assets.

Or as George coined decades ago …

Massperation is born from wanting to belong not wanting to be apart.

I still loathe the term, but not as much as I despise he may be right. Again.

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