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Rules Of Rubin …

A while back, I wrote a post about Rick Rubin and his brilliance at making the complex, simple.

I talked about how this was in diametrically opposed to the way many agencies and consultancies operate.

But – to really ram home the difference – Rick isn’t simply a master of simplification, he uses it to unlock the creative potential and authenticity of the people he works with.

He has helped more artists attain a highly desirable, distinctive and definitive role in culture than probably all the agencies and consultancies put together.

That’s not to say agencies and consultancies can’t do that or haven’t done that, but the ones who have done it well … the ones who have ignited fandom rather than just participation … is very, very small.

Anyway, that post – and a subsequent project with the Chili’s – took me down a Rick Rubin rabbit hole and over the weeks, I’ve posted his quotes with what my interpretation of what it means for the ad industry.

The work.
The environment.
The clients.

The more I spend going down the Rick rabbit hole, the more it feels his viewpoint encapsulates all the different things I’ve learnt, seen or experienced from others. Where every single element is built around one, simple goal.

To make the best work you could imagine.

We all have a role to play in achieving this.

It’s more than just down to the talent who actually creates the final work. It’s the people, the environment and the paymasters who all play an integral role to achieving that goal.

So for the next couple of weeks, I’m just going to talk about some of the Rules Of Rick … because if you’re going to learn the rules of creativity from anyone, then the person who has helped the most diverse group of artists and musicians become culturally and commercially successful is probably the one you want to hear it from.

They start tomorrow.

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The Rubin series is one of their best things you’ve done, but haven’t we seen and read them all? Has this blog just become a dumping ground for the stuff you post on social media? Is that what you really think of us?

Comment by Bazza

Have you just worked that out?

Comment by DH

I will seek help immediately.

Comment by Bazza

So now you’re blogging your tweets? Bet you don’t stick to 280 characters.

Comment by John


Comment by DH

Even his introduction to the tweets is longer than 280 characters.

Comment by Bazza

You know growing your beard isn’t going to make you Rubin, don’t you Rob?

Comment by DH

It’s worth a shot.

Comment by Rob

Aren’t you getting paid for this Rick stuff? Is this your way to double charge?

Comment by DH


Comment by Bazza

Yep. Covid really messed up the world.

Comment by DH

I am being paid but not for this specifically. No one is that stupid.

Comment by Rob

Transmedia blagging.

Comment by John

Transmedia. There’s a term from the past.

Comment by George

campbell. you’ve proved theres a fuckload of people who are that stupid.

Comment by andy@cynic

Do you know if the Rubin series will be coming out officially yet Robert?

Comment by George

I am looking forward to this Robert. He is a cultural force. Did you not meet him in America?

Comment by Lee Hill

Hahaha … prepare for disappointment.

And yes I did. At his home in Malibu. I didn’t know till I got there and totally fanboy’d him.

Comment by Rob

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