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The Daily Mail Is Another Virus We Must Get Rid Of …

Tomorrow I’ve written a positive post about some of the stuff Corona virus has revealed we are capable of being.

Today I’m writing about the worst of it.

Specifically The Daily Mail.

As we all know, they have become one of the most successful newspapers and internet destinations in the World thanks to their fear-mongering, shock-creating, prejudice-encouraging bullshit, all wrapped up in the illusion of being a family newspaper caring about family values.

If Donald Trump was a newspaper, he’d be The Daily Mail.

They have absolutely revelled in the corona virus.

Equally challenging the scientists viewpoints and then the people who don’t follow it.

They play both sides with such obviousness [see photo above] and yet they – like Fox TV – claim to be consistent, fair and balanced.

The fact they get away with it means either no one believes them or – as I fear – their readers don’t question a word they say.

While they like to focus their hate on minority groups, no one is immune from their hate.

Even the middle-England elderly readers – their core audience in the UK – cop it with headlines that suggest ‘they will all be left to die’ or ‘isolation till 2021’.

They are the embodiment of ‘take no prisoners’ …

For me, they are basically a far right political party.

However, unlike the far right, they have found a much more powerful way to operate.

They don’t openly show their hatred … oh no, they slowly and quietly infiltrate mainstream society so they can undermine the minorities, the unemployed and the poor by making prejudice, illness and poverty seem the words and beliefs of the irrational.

To be fair to them, they may not even realise it.

They are so myopic that they fail to appreciate other people have different circumstances.

Which is why they – like that other prick, Piers Morgan – don’t realise their commentary is so harmful because they’ve never experienced any of the issues they are so quick to either claim don’t exist or they would never advocate … like prejudice, racism and poverty.

As you’ll read in tomorrow’s post, corona has revealed the best of many companies and news organisations.

It has changed the dynamic between corporation and society.

It’s why I hope after this, the Daily Mail is seen for what it is, a social manipulator – a company who only acts in the interests of its owner and no one else.

A great villain for a Bond movie, but not a great company for society.

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The problem is The Mail, like their cousin, Fox News, have discovered hate drives numbers in the form of people, ad revenue, notoriety.

Comment by George

It will be interesting to see how fox react if the mail gains a bigger foothold here. At the moment it’s mainly seen as a gossip site but more and more of their news content is US focused and soon it will be a heavyweight fight.

Comment by Bazza

Hate drives people who people it and people who want to get angry about it. I was one of the hypocritical haters then I felt my mental health was being affected which is why I stopped reading it. I felt almost immediately better. Same with Fox and Facebook.

Comment by Pete

Yeah, I’m one of those hypocritical haters. I also think that is important because living in a bubble is even more dangerous. But I agree with you about it’s ability to ignite genuine and disturbing anxiety. Jill has stopped reading it altogether and I look at it every couple of days for the same reasons you walked away.

Some people will be quick to blame the news happening in the world rather than the paper, but while that is a part of it, it’s how they write it up – twisting, manipulating, fear inducing – that does the real harm.

And then they do one thing that is semi-positive – getting PPE for the Doctors and Nurses in the UK – and use that as justification of being a newspaper committed to the wellbeing of the country, when we all know it’s so they can brag about themselves. Similar to Fox News and their claim they offer “fair and balanced” journalism. Ignoring the fact you can’t be your own judge of that. Hate them.

Comment by Rob

Well said Robert.

Comment by George

I also hate Piers Morgan but I’ve seen him recently take on a very aggressive stance against people he previously admired and supported. I very much doubt this means he has seen the light, but the few clips of him I’ve seen in attack mode against people expecting an easy ride has been strangely enjoyable. I can’t believe I’ve just written that.

Comment by George

Didn’t Trump unfollow him on Twitter? Headline news?
That explains everything wrong with all of them

Comment by Bazza

Did he? Why was he following him in the first place? Politics is worse than TMZ.

Comment by George

Politics is TMZ. It’s just replaced celebrity feuds with political ones.

Comment by Pete

Very true Peter.

Comment by George

Yep. The Daily Mail loved it, almost as much as Piers did – as he could trot out his, “I say it as I see it” all-encompassing justification line.

Comment by Rob

Yes. He’s also been vocal about the Nurses who come from other countries and how we should acknowledge the best of Great Britain is made up from people who came here to call it home rather than were born here. This from a staunch “leaver”. It’s hard for me to get my head around and I’m deeply doubtful this view will last – his actions are always contrived – but it’s refreshing to see this shit being discussed by people who were once considered the far rights best mouthpiece.

Comment by Rob

piers skill has always been to fluff the right people until theyre not useful to him anymore.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m even more scared by the positive post you’ve threatened to publish tomorrow.

Comment by Bazza

Undeniable evidence to the power of coronavirus.

Comment by Pete

What can I say, it happens. Occasionally. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Global pandemics happen more often/.

Comment by Bazza

People read it because it aligns with their values. You may be an upper-middle class creative soul driving an Audi and spending inordinate amounts of money on the most obscene of novelty items. The vast majority however, don’t live this lifestyle.

They are mildly racist, they are inspired by the seemingly plain and mundane and they are fearful. Fearful of their next pay check, fearful that they haven’t amounted to what they hoped they would, fearful that they have, is the best it will ever get.

Get off your soap box, be a real planner, understand the people, act accordingly.

You owe it to yourself.

Comment by Andy Red

So many things …

Upper middle class.
Be a real planner.
Get off my soap box.
Owe it to myself.
Act accordingly.

This is my blog … it is literally my soapbox – as you put it – so I think I am entitled to say what I like on here, or do you think planners can’t have opinions of their own?

Apart from the fact I wasn’t talking about the people who read the paper, but the people who produce it – people who absolutely don’t do it in accordance to some value code, but to achieve revenue at all costs [which has been detailed a lot in terms of how far they’ll stretch the boundaries of legality] – you don’t know me, you are responding to who you think I am.

Which is the opposite of what a proper planner would do. So maybe you need to take some of your own advice.

Comment by Rob

im all for people shitting on campbell, but you fuck your argument when you call him middle class and creative. hes not even fucking low class even in his fucking bland german wagon.

and telling him to be a real planner isnt a threat because when theyre all fucking useless so youre telling him to be even more useless. so good attempt but try better next time. or go work at the mail, you sound fucking perfect for them.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks for your support as always Andy.

What is it with people with your name?

On the positive, you were almost complimenting my planning approach. Most backhanded way possible, but I’ll take what I can given I’ve been told I have to be a real planner and act accordingly.

Comment by Rob

im still saying youre shit.
youre just less shit than all the other fucking planners.

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy Red seems to interpret respect as acceptance.
You don’t need to accept the views of others to still respect them. I think Rob’s career around the world shows he is very good at doing just that.

Comment by Pete

Exactly right.

Comment by George

It appears Andy Red does not like you Robert. His entire comment appears to have been constructed to allow him to wildly insult your choices, character and professionalism.

This approach reveals two things.

He doesn’t know you and this is more about his prejudice than yours. Exemplified by the frankly amusing suggestion you are upper-middle class. You may be many things Robert, but upper-middle class will never be one of them.

Comment by George

Well said George. We can all agree that he is classless.

Comment by John

Yep … hates me.

Look, I’m fine with people having a different point of view – christ, I get that on here everyday – but when it’s basically a personal attack based on misinformed perceptions and prejudices about who I am, where I’m from, how I live and how I do my job … not to mention some flaws in their argument … then basically I view it as their issue not mine.

But in all honesty Andy Red, if you want to have a chat privately, let me know. I would love to know more about how I am living my life and conducting my job and how you can teach me to live up to your ideals, given I suck so much at it.

PS: Thanks for the clarification on my social standing. I think anyone who wears Birkenstocks will never get to even middle class, regardless where they come from or how much cash they do or don’t have.

Comment by Rob

another fucking thing you should be thankful for me for. ill send the invoice. pay in cash. small bills.

Comment by andy@cynic

Obscene novelty items?

He must be talking about the wifi cup that tells you what you’re drinking Rob.

Comment by Bazza

How many times do I have to tell you, I bought it but it didn’t come. So yes, I am double stupid.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Bazza


Comment by DH

Real planners are the Covid-19 of advertising.

Comment by Randy Ed

Is that because they make advertising that makes people want to kill themselves or because no one wants to be anywhere near them?

Comment by Bazza

[…] this COVID-19 thing has – as I’ve written a bunch of times – brought the best and worst out of people and […]

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