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There’s Models And Then There’s Models …

I consider what I’m about to tell you an early Christmas present.

Not for you, but for me.

You see a few weeks ago, one of the creatives at R/GA was walking down the road when he was stopped in his tracks as he saw this …

Now you may be wondering what is so shocking about a back of a van featuring 2 weird looking men starring into space with a lilting triffid like plant behind them?

Well I agree with you, except those 2 weird looking men starring into space with a triffid like plant behind them are my colleagues – Eduardo and Ed.

As you can tell from the absolutely horrific photo and pose, neither knew this photo was being taken – nor did they give their permission for the image to be taken, used or plastered on the back of a corporate horticultural company van – but I am so glad it happened … and while they are trying to get some sort of response from the company who did this, I keep telling them that on the positive, they can say now say they’re models, which is a damn sight better than saying they work for a creative company in creative company cliche, Shoreditch.

Sometimes, accidents are the best thing that can happen to you.

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Hilarious. Did you organise this so you could say your instagram abuserof your team was pale in comparison?

Comment by George

If only I had, I’d be so proud of myself.

Comment by Rob

It appears the photographer caught them just after they’d been in a meeting with you.

Violated. Shell shocked. Disgusted with themselves.

I know that look well.

Comment by Bazza

You mean it’s the look after Rob has reviewed your presentation.

Comment by Pete

It’s a simple solve.

Make your presentations more intriguing and compelling.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Pete

Your intriguing is other people’s weird.

Comment by Bazza

“Models” is the most post rationalised, PR-spin I think I’ve ever seen you write.

Comment by Pete

To be honest, it was my way to make them feel better about it so they wouldn’t try and get the images taken down and I could keep laughing at it.

Comment by Rob

Always for your personal enjoyment.

Comment by Pete

If the company has to sneak photographs of random people, may I suggest to your colleagues not to expect a financial response from their exploiters.

Comment by Lee Hill

They might get offered a cactus.

Hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Was this cut and pasted from your Instagram feed?
Promise me it’s not a Media Arts plan to promote RGA across London, its the kind of thing that would come out of a media arts workshop

Comment by Northern

What can I say, I’m a digital native. Or something.

Comment by Rob

youre a fucking twat. a super fucking twat quoting shit like digital native.

Comment by andy@cynic

people will do any fucking thing to get away from you campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve seen people advertise themselves for new jobs but this is something else.

Comment by DH

Winning comment.

Comment by Bazza

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