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A Year In A Blink …

So today is a year since I left Wieden and – in 6 days – Shanghai.

That’s incredible.

In some ways it seems it was just a few weeks and in other ways, it feels like a lifetime ago.

While it was absolutely time to start a new adventure – something LA and Deutsch have kindly given me – I still miss China and Wieden very much because I had 7 years of brilliant things happen in my life [such as this] and career [such as this and this] there … though I have it on good authority this sentimentality is only one way, mainly because those stickers I left behind are still being discovered.

And they will for many more years to come.

Cue: Evil laugh.

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In a history of being an annoying bastard, this may be peak annoying.

Comment by DH

see dan, this is what happens when you hire campbell and then dont sack the fucker. this is all your fault.

Comment by andy@cynic

youre an annoying prick campbell, but this is evil genius scale. they must fucking hate it and you. excellent work.

Comment by andy@cynic

The memory of working with you does more damage than those stickers do.

Comment by Billy Whizz

A year. It seems like yesterday due to Wieden+Kennedy inexplicably continually sending you gifts.

Comment by George

stephen hawking cant explain that bullshit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Creative. Mischievous. Effective. Memorable. It’s you to a tee.

Comment by Lee Hill

you forgot annoying, money wasting, taste abusing and twatness.

Comment by andy@cynic

* double annoying.

Comment by DH

The gift that keeps on giving whether people like it or not.

Comment by Pete

I’ve still got it … even when no one wants it.

Comment by Rob

Though in an act of karma revenge, I am spending my anniversary in Kansas. About as different to Shanghai as is physically possible.

Comment by Rob

Karma wins. Unless you live in Kansas.

Comment by DH

Their fault for being in Kansas.

Comment by Bazza

Isn’t that your personal mantra?

Comment by Bazza

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