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A Look Back At 7 Years …

As I have 2 days left of working at Wieden, I thought I’d put up some of the films [some are case studies because I can’t find the actual spot online] that I’ve either had something to do with or happened on my watch while at W+K Shanghai.

To be honest, there’s loads more – including 3 campaigns that haven’t come out yet, of which one is particularly exciting – but I appreciate how indulgent this post is already.

So with that – and in no particular order – here we go …

Converse Lyrics


Fiat 500 La Vita E Bella – with thanks to my Mum

NIKE Temple Of Deadly Quickness

P&G Best Job

NIKE Find Your Greatness

Jeep Built Free

Jordan Winning Moment

Heineken Curiosity Pays

NIKE Epic Step

Spotify Japan Music Changes Us

As I said, there’s a bunch more stuff I could put up, but when I look back at this – especially in relation to where China/Asia advertising traditionally sits – I nod and, to paraphrase Phil Knight from the W+K global credentials film, say “It’s not bad”.

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I know it’s WK, but to produce that standard of work in China is amazing. When I lived in Asia, you just hoped to make work that made some sense. You’re leaving a great legacy Rob. I pity the person who has to follow you.

Comment by Pete

And you helped make global work from China. Another great achievement.

Comment by Pete

I still think of the work that got away … a couple of things that were going to be ace and then didn’t happen. That said, one of the 3 things that are about to come out is genuinely awesome and exciting so overall, I’m happy.

That said, I’d love to do more stuff where the creative is to promote the solution we have developed rather than the idea of the solution [if you get my drift] … but clients want Wieden for what they are brilliant at, so it’s not that surprising that has more attention, despite the desire to explore and do more.

That said, I really want to try and pull that off in the next chapter, so let’s see what happens … but as work goes, especially work in Asia, it’s been good. Could have been better [because I saw what was on the table at time] but good.

Comment by Rob

When you say soution, do you mean a business process or new product/service that you create to solve the underlying problem? Or do you mean something else?

Comment by John

I mean something that addresses the fundamental business problem the client needs solving and then promoting that solution. I always use ‘Square’ as the ultimate in that, though our bike for Piaggio in Vietnam is another good example.

Doesn’t always have to be a product, but it does have to be something that solves the problem so the role of the advertising is to communicate the solution to more people rather than be the solution … accepting that sometimes, it can definitely be that and in many cases, the client only wants the agency to solve their communication needs, not their business issues.

Comment by Rob

I like them. I hate that.

Comment by DH

How many were specifically for China?
I assume they’re in English for as juries.

Comment by DH

All but Jeep and Spotify were for China … and P&G was a global thing, so that was developed mainly by PDX, but I was involved in helping them understanding how Chinese athlete’s Mum’s lived and viewed what their kids were doing.

In fact, the short film I made to show the global P&G guys – and PDX – is still one of my favourite things I’ve done here. Everyone – and I mean everyone – who sees it, cries. Proving emotions are universal.

Comment by Rob

Hello there :]

Can we see it ?

Comment by Tomas

Not bad.

Comment by John

But you never got nike to make a car. Fail.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Yep. I did try … well, not a car, but something potentially equally bizarre. That said, one of the things I’m super excited about [that isn’t out yet] is that we got to make the cousin of that idea, so while not a total win, not a total fail either. Though I could be reframing again, hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Once a planner always a planner.

Comment by Bazza

Any agency would be happy with that reel. An agency in Asia should be ecstatic. I know you will be missed Rob, but America needs you more than China right now. I am so excited to see the impact you are going to make over here.

Comment by George

It will be interesting mate. But not as interesting as it will be for my new employers, hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Understatement of the year.

Comment by DH

Congratulations Robert. This a body of work that anyone would be proud to be associated with. I agree with George, you will be missed by Wieden and their clients which is the sign of a job well done.

Comment by Lee Hill

not fucking bad but did you write, produce or direct any of this? no you fucking didnt which means your career is built off the backs of others fucking talent. planning parasite.

Comment by andy@cynic

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