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Blend Out …

When I joined Colenso, they organised some workshops for me to start having a deeper understanding with the Maori culture. It was – and is – amazing and I am so grateful.

In one of the classes, the professor said something that I thought was brilliant. While her analogy was about how many white people in New Zealand like to view New Zealand, it is so easily transferable to all nations.

While I’m probably paraphrasing her, what she said was this:

“We’re a world of fruit salad that governments, companies & media present and view as a smoothie.”

What’s terrible is adland is a major contributor to this.

Blending people and cultures to a bland, beige mess …

Saying a lot but telling you nothing.

Viewing individuality as an obstacle not a gift.

Which is why next time you write a brief or read an ad, it’s worth asking yourself … are you making fruit salad or a smoothie?

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What a great way to look at this issue.

This line in particular stuck out.

“Viewing individuality as an obstacle not a gift.” It is not just advertising who is guilty of this thinking. Monoculture is corporate culture.

Comment by George

That line stings because it is true.

Comment by Pete

truer than all planners are a waste of fucking space. thats how fucking true it is.

Comment by andy@cynic

this post is fucking popular isnt it campbell?

Comment by andy@cynic

I know … I’m quite disappointed to be honest. Ha.

Comment by Rob

you should be. its fucking ok but then thats because someone else came up with it not you. and yes campbell, i am up at a fucking stupid oclock. no i am not ill. but I bet I fucking will be when i wake up enough to see one of the first fucking things ive done is comment on this shithole.

Comment by andy@cynic

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