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A Love Letter To China’s Wonderful, Beautiful, Brilliant Chaos …

Of all the places I’ve lived, China is the one that has left the strongest mark.

Frankly I absolutely and utterly loved my time there.

Sure part of that was because of Wieden – I loved and will always love them – but it was more than just that.

It was the people, the madness, the history, the chaos, the energy, the values …

Yes there were some things that bothered me immensely, but overall, I was intoxicated with the place and will always be that way.

I believe you can tell how much a place gets into your soul by how you react when it’s under attack. Not by guns, but by media and politicians.

If I look back on my 7 years there, I was very quick to jump to its defense when Western media decided to take an isolated incident and claim it represented the beliefs, behaviors and values of over a billion people.

Were there some shit things that happened there when I was there?


Were there moments of madness and sadness that will never leave my memory?


Are there some terrible restrictions on people lives and opinions there?


But these are not isolated to China … every country has bad people doing horrific things, every country is creating an increasing division between rich and poor and in terms of government, countries either are doing their own version of ‘inflicting their will on the people’ or wishing they could get away with the stuff the Chinese government get away with.

I’m looking at you UK, Australia and the land of ‘the free’.

And that’s why I can still truly love the place and feel privileged for the experience it gave me.

I have absolute pride my son was born there.

Whatever happens in his life, he was born in China and for me, that means our links to the country will always be strong.

And while I will always be passionate in the pursuit of changing Westerners perceptions about the Middle Kingdom, there are some things that I just stand back and accept will just reinforce certain prejudices.

Some – like Uncle Martian – are terrible, especially as it was a conscious decision.

Some – like this, below – are perfection, especially as they were done in innocence.

[And if not, that’s even more genius]

China, I love you.

Lose the bullshit but please never lose your beautiful madness.

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No wonder you loved China. You were a perfect match of cheeky shit.

Comment by Bazza

More like both like crap t-shirts.

Comment by DH

Uncle Martian shocks me as much as the t-shirt shocked that young child’s mother.

Comment by Pete

Shocked? Did you not read that post before?

Comment by George

who reads any shit campbell writes?

Comment by andy@cynic

I love how much you loved China. Judging by how many of your Chinese team that have maintained contact with you, they loved you being there as well.

Comment by George

You would buy that shirt wouldn’t you Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

Buy it? My bet is he created it.

Comment by John

Ditto to comment above: “I love how much you loved China”.
China is like a Rorschach test: People see what they want to see. Projecting all their angst onto this country. My take away after my 30+ years in China: It’s important to live in a place where you are the racial minority at least 1x in your life. It’s important to live outside the Anglo Saxon culture at least 1x in your life. Funny thing: Everyone loves their own country and this does not equal nationalism!

Comment by Meg Maggio

funny every country he lives in hates him.

Comment by andy@cynic

He is the weapon of mass destruction.

Comment by DH

commie bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

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