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April Fools Day …

Today is a great day.

Not just because it’s a day where mischief is actively celebrated, but because throughout history, there have been a number of great things that happened on this day.

For example today is the day Dan Wieden and David Kennedy officially opened W+K.

Yep, the best communication agency in history opened on this day, which means April 1 should be a day we’re all thankful for.

Then there’s the rumour that BBH started on the same day, but having heard about some Portland ad agency starting on the same day, they decided to say theirs started on the 2nd.

Again, BBH are one of the World’s best which is another reason why we should all be thanking the calendar gods for this day.

And remember, when I say ‘best’ … I don’t mean it in the past tense. Both Wieden and BBH’s brilliance is, as I wrote here, that they have been setting standards for over 30 years. Given we’re an industry that seems to celebrate ‘hype today, gone tomorrow’, that is definitely a reason to celebrate April 1st.

But it’s not all ad agency starting … there’s the fact that today is the day I wrote one of my favourite blog posts.

The one about method planning.

The one lots of planners and industry media seemed to think was real, which not only made me very, very happy … it also proved they don’t read all the way through my posts because I admitted it’s fakeness in the very last line.

So let’s acknowledge that April 1 is epic … but the reason to celebrate it today is because it’s the day the brilliant – but evil – Amelia, launches WorldWideWeird, a compendium of where culture, tech and creativity come together in the most beautifully mad ways.

There’s a bunch of reasons for this.

One is because it’s awesome.

Another is because there’s stuff going on in the shadows that deserves a much bigger audience.

But thirdly, it’s because too many agencies still fail to understand technology is a tool of creativity and in the right hands, it allows creativity to be expressed and wielded in ways traditional creativity could only dream of.

This is certainly not meant to discredit the traditional craft of communication – of course not, that can be utterly amazing in the right hands – but the reality is there are incredible possibilities when creativity is allowed to thrive outside the usual boundaries of adland and we want to celebrate those doing it … regardless of the scale, regardless if it fails and regardless if they’re just doing it for themselves.

WorldWideWeird will come out every month, but there’s an instagram that will be updated more regularly with any weird and wonderful that catches our eye … and as Amelia is the editor of it, rather than me, you can be sure it will actually be worth reading.

I’m excited what this could do … because my hope is it won’t be just be a place where people go for dinner party fodder, but a place that both inspires and scares people to get off their arses and start pushing the boundaries of what creativity can be … because frankly, as much as I love a lot of the stuff we as an industry put out there, I get quite annoyed when agencies are credited for innovation when all they’ve really done is slightly adjust the way they make the thing they’ve always made.

Sure, there is an argument that is innovative but for me, innovation is when you do something fundamentally different … try something utterly new … fail while attempting to do something groundbreaking … and I for one would like the industry to be more associated with that than simply reframing tradition with fancy PR.

That said, today is the end of my probation period at R/GA … so depending on how my review goes, World Wide Weird might be my swansong and Amelia’s platform for even greater glory.

You can subscribe to World Wide Weird here.

Our instagram can be found here.

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Please tell me this new blog is another April Fool.

Comment by Bazza

If it makes it better for you, I’m not going to be running it.

Comment by Rob

wish you would delegate this fucking shithole blog.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m not sure which I like more. Worldwideweird or witnessing how quickly you are infecting your department and the London office with your unique sense of mischief. R/GA’s Twitter account might have some competition in fandom. I hope your bosses appreciate how much their twitter and your team are doing to bring a sense of infectious, cultural energy to the company. As you say today is your review day, I don’t have long to find out. ; )

Comment by Pete

They hired him. I just hope they didn’t think they were going to change him.

Comment by Bazza

I’m sure some people might be stupid enough to think that. Will people ever learn?

As for the R/GA twitter, I love it. I think that should be the ‘voice’ for the whole company – though I am pretty certain some people don’t share that view. Probably people who wear ‘slacks’. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Method planning was still the pinnacle.
Love the www initiative and yes, I did see what you did there.
Am I still seeing you Friday?

Comment by George

Friday? Should I book some urgent travel?

Comment by Bazza

You’re safe, I’m seeing him in LA.

Comment by George

You’re not Baz, I’m in SF a week today.

Are you around?

Comment by Rob


Comment by John

as long as youre not back in fucking ny.

Comment by andy@cynic

My blog debuted on April 1.

Comment by John

explains a fucking lot.

Comment by andy@cynic

Worst april fool ever.

Comment by DH

Thank you.

Comment by Rob

Only you would take that as a compliment.

Comment by DH

Some of the innovations featured in your new project are very bizarre. I am sure you can guess which one I refer to.

Comment by Lee Hill

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