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The Last Week Of 2016 …

OK, so the title of this post is wrong given we have almost 3 weeks left before it’s 2017, but this is going to be the last week for this blog because [1] I’m going to be in LA all week [be afraid George, Pete & Baz … be very afraid] and [2] I can’t be arsed to write anymore.

Frankly, I can’t believe how quick this year has gone. It’s been stupendously quick.

And yet, when I look back at the past 12 months, I see a lot has happened … and I’m not just talking about my holidays.

From Bowie dying.

The worst Toyota campaign in years.

My favourite quote of the year.

A time of self realisation.

My best friends penis. [Hey, it wouldn’t be this blog if I didn’t reference that]

The power of design.

My beloved Mum’s first anniversary.

The launch of The Kennedys in Shanghai.

[With updates on whats going on here]

My failed April fool.

A reminder of the importance of empathy.

The best Rock n’ Roll mash-up. Ever.

China showing that for all their progress, a lot of it is only on the surface … here and here.

How Cannes is bringing the worst out of adland.

My amazing June consisting of an amazing conference in Paris, my wife’s birthday and a phenomenal holiday in too many places.

An idea that should be celebrated for it’s humanity.

My argument about what the ad industry needs to do to be relevant to the next generation of creative class.

… and recognising what new creative talent actually is.


The importance of fearlessness.

Saying goodbye to a couple of people who were very important to me. But only goodbye in the ‘I’m leaving Wieden’ sense. Ros and Paula.

As you can see, there’s been a lot that’s happened.

OK, so some you may agree with, some you won’t … but it’s important [for me, at least] to see it because the speed this year has gone, it would be easy for me to convince myself nothing has happened.

Recently I read an interview with ex-Take That star, Robbie Williams, that kind of summed up my attitude to working.

I know … I know … it’s Robbie Williams, but the fact is I have always liked him.

I’ve liked his attitude and his honesty – even when he’s ended up being screwed over by what he said – but for me, his viewpoint that ‘if the brain stops working, it’s all over’ feels very relevant to me.

You may not believe it, you may say there’s a lot of evidence to challenge it … but it’s something that feels incredibly true to me.

So true that 2017 is going to see quite a few changes for me … all in a bid to make sure my brain remains energised and exercised so that I don’t need a blog post to remind me that my days have been filled with stuff that has been interesting and exciting.

But that stuff will be discussed later, so until then, enjoy the final 5 days of this blog in 2016.

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you think throwing in a bunch of fucking blog links and some shit about robbie fucking williams would stop men noticing youre on holiday afuckingain! this has to be some sort of fucking record for you. it used to be every fucking month now its week on week off.

la again
then its fucking christmas so you get more fucking holiday.

i should admire the balls of your holiday blagging but it makes me a bit fucking sick.

Comment by andy@cynic

i know sydney wasnt a holiday so dont fucking get on your high horse. and dont think that you can claim all that other shit were work trips either.

otis better have had a fucking great birthday. unless you fucking off for a week (if its just you) is his present.

Comment by andy@cynic

Are you going because forest lost to derby?

Comment by DH

Sometimes things happen that make me so happy I live in NYC.

Comment by DH

At first I questioned your Robbie Williams reference then I realized you’re both out of date and unfairly wealthy and it all made sense,

Comment by DH


Comment by Bazza

His latest holiday or his return to LA?

Comment by DH

Take your pick.

Comment by Bazza

See you for dinner tomorrow. (Or your today. Time differences still confuse me)

Comment by George

youre a fucking glutton for twatdom.
didnt invite me did you. prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

I have.

Comment by Bazza

Me too.

Comment by Pete

thats why i wouldnt come if you fucking paid me and threw in a night with scarlett johanson. wankers.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s why I didn’t invite you Andrew.

Comment by George

Hope Otis had a great day yesterday. Thank you for the links, it makes finding things much easier given you neglected to incorporate a proper tagging system in your posts.

Comment by Pete

One way to make sure your brain “remains energised and exercised” would be to take fewer holidays.

Comment by John

Except his holidays keep his team engaged and energized.

Comment by DH

Have you destroyed LA yet?

Comment by DH

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