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Given Brexit, I’m Shipping Australian Crims Back To England …

So today another one of the planning team leave.

Yes, I know, it’s only been a couple in a couple of weeks since the last one … but [I think] that is entirely coincidental.

That said, this one is only semi-leaving … because while she is going from Wieden Shanghai, she is ending up at Wieden London.

And will continue to be working on NIKE.

Yep, I’m talking about the one and only, Paula Bloodworth.

Oh Paula …

Despite being Australian … a wannabe cool kid … incredibly picky about her food and occasionally a princess … I am going to miss her.

To think it’s only been 2 years since this is mindblowing

We have done an incredible amount over that time … stuff we can feel very proud about for many, many years to come.

Not just work, but other stuff too.

In the 2 years of being here, I’ve seen the best and worst of her and she has seen the best and worst of me.

From my son being born to my Mum passing away … and through all of it, she has been kind, considerate, loyal and caring.

For someone who likes to pretend she has a ‘tough exterior’, the reality is she’s a fucking sweetheart and by embracing that, I believe she leaves even better than when she came.

And that’s impressive because she was fucking good when she started.

While I am sure she won’t miss the Australian banter … the oily food … the prying into her personal life … the bad instagram photos that I constantly took of her … I do think she will miss this place.

Maybe not as much as I will when I go, but a little.

[Please note, the photo in this post is not one of the ‘bad ones’ … I felt I owed her a ‘nice one’ as a gesture of goodbye-goodwill. Besides, all the nasty ones appear in the video below]

And she should because in the short time she was here, she achieved an incredible amount and so she can look back on this fascinating time in her life and career as one where she came, she saw and she conquered.

Paula I am going to miss you … especially the bitch and gossip-fests … but I know I cannot stand in the way of an Aussie who needs to make their cultural pilgrimage to London to live in Earls Court.

So now you are Paul Colman’s problem. And I’m very jealous of that fact.

Thank you lovely. Be brilliant.

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You’re shipping them out faster than Trump will be shipping out Mexicans.

Comment by Billy Whizz

That’s it. For now. But there’s a pipeline of other talented souls who will soon be ready for bigger and better things, which roughly translates to “not working with me”.

Comment by Rob

You’re so self aware.

Comment by DH

A lucky escape.

Comment by John

Congratulations on the move Paula, however I am sure you will miss working with Robert. I know I do.

Comment by George

Google has damaged your brain.

Comment by DH

I was going to say you were a good man, then I read your instagram dedication and remembered you were a good but also mischievously evil man.

Comment by Pete

How could you ever forget?

Comment by Billy Whizz

I regard you forgetting as a massive insult.

Comment by Rob

someone should sign all these planner fucks who have escaped your clutches for a reality show. or the cia.

Comment by andy@cynic

after they get out the mental hospital trying to recover from hours in your fucking company.

Comment by andy@cynic

She still looks good but doesPaula less fresh faced than when she started working for you? I know the feeling.

Comment by Bazza

Have you been talking to her?

Comment by Rob

No, personal experience.

Comment by Bazza

These sort of posts almost make up for the fact you’re a bastard when they’re working for you.

Comment by DH

That you can write such words of encouragement to someone who it is obvious you will miss, is a sign of great management. Bravo Robert. Bravo Paula.

Comment by Lee Hill

This was so wonderful to read. Thank you. I’ve left comments on your other social media platforms (the many, many others) but this blog post deserves a little more love. Thank you for being an amazing mentor, boss, bitch comrade and friend. I’m a better planner and human thanks to you. I’ve grown an incredible amount in two years and that has a great to deal with your guidance and support. I’m going to miss you greatly but I’ve got a feeling it’s not that easy to get rid of you. I’ll be seeing you often and no doubt I’ll need regular therapy sessions from afar. Thank you Rob for a brilliant two years. It was worth the aging… I think. Love ya.

Comment by The one you wrote this blog post about

I thought you had managed to keep a modicum of self esteem by not writing on this blog, but even that failed you. I’m glad about that. Love ya. You’re missed already.

Comment by Rob

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