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Mask. Cape. Birkenstocks?

So yesterday I wrote about my new birkenstock t-shirt … and I bet you were thrilled with it. Ahem. Well today I’m keeping with the birkies theme, but I’m adding a bit of Hollywood glamour to it.

No, seriously.

You see I was recently reading a copy of Empire Magazine – the film monthly – when there was an article on the classic 90’s romp, Con Air.

For those of you who need a reminder what it’s about, have a look at this.

Did you watch it?

They don’t make movies like that anymore do they.

Sure, it’s bollocks, but it’s absolutely amazing bollocks.

Hmmmmm, that doesn’t look so good written down, does it. Oops.

“So where’s the birkenstock reference”, I hear no one cry.

Well, in the article, they talk about how John Cusack – one of the movies stars – was a bit of a dick on set.

Apparently he didn’t really want to do the movie but – having resigned himself to having to do it – he decided to throw his star power around.

This is how he did it …

Have you read it?

Have you?


Well if you have, you’ll know that he insisted on his character wearing Birkenstocks.

Yes, bloody birkies!

Apparently his rationale was …

“I want to be the very first action hero who wears Birkenstocks. Charlton Heston wore sandals and he kicked ass. I wanna do the same”.

Amazing eh?

But even more amazing than that is that we now can understand why John Cusack’s career went the same way as MH370.

Which also explains why I ended up in advertising which, a friend of mine recently called, The MH370 of careers.

The Only Way I’ll Ever Wear Socks With My Birkenstocks …
August 30, 2017, 6:15 am
Filed under: A Bit Of Inspiration, Birkenstocks

… is by wearing my new t-shirt from my friends at RedBubble.

Trust me, if you think you’re offended by it, you should see how my colleagues feel.

Celebrities All Want To Be Me …
August 4, 2014, 6:12 am
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… sure, some of them are decidedly z-grade and only one of the featured ‘celebrities’ is a man, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this appeared in Bloomberg Business Week Magazine [which I appreciate is hardly the bible of style] alongside a massive article which – in a desperate attempt to show I’m not fashion kryptonite – you can read here.

Move over Gok Wan, the real fashion forward, style leader is here.