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You Wish Your Child Was Like My Son … Asshole
July 21, 2017, 6:10 am
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That photo is of my son, Otis.

He is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

He is cheeky, curious, kind, loving, beautiful and absolutely full of energy.

Now I’m sure most parents would describe their child like that, but based on a situation we experienced recently, it seems even other parents would regard Otis’ energy as being at another level.

Maybe it’s because he was restricted from going out in China because of the pollution.

Maybe it’s because he’s just loves being with other kids.

Maybe it’s because he is excited and curious about life.

Whatever it is, he can make the Energizer Bunny look like a sloth – and while we love seeing him run around and laugh – some other parents view this as a fault.

A few weeks ago, he was running around while some other kids were sat on the floor. He wasn’t bothering them, but in his excitement, he accidentally fell onto another child.

The reaction of both this other kid – and their parent – was extreme.

They acted like Otis had attacked them, even though he got up and [remember he’s only 2 1/2] said sorry and patted the child on the arm as a way of apologising. [We did the same … apologise I mean]

Apparently that wasn’t enough, because the parent came right up and ‘suggested’ Otis should be given a 2 minute time-out as punishment.

Fuck you!

Who the hell are you to try and dictate how we deal with our son?

Who the hell are you to try and curb his enthusiasm for life?

It was an accident. If it wasn’t, he would have been reprimanded, but he’s a sweet, caring, happy kid and all he did was fall over because his energy was running faster than his little chubby legs could go.

But as much as this parent fucked me off, it taught me a valuable lesson.

Before, when parents saw Otis running around like a happy lunatic, they would say things like, “He’s got a lot of energy hasn’t he?” and I would respond with a World-weary sigh and say something like, “You have no idea.”

But now I don’t.

Now I look at the person and say, “Yes, isn’t it awesome”.

Because it is.

As is my son.

And I’m not going to help a stranger feel better about their self-declared parental expertise by putting him down.

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Peak Nottingham. Welcome to the Land of the Free.

Comment by John

a judge would have let you off smacking the annoying parent fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

Otis is the best thing you’ve ever pulled off in your life so I’ll hold the parent while you hit them.

Comment by DH

please put this on mumsnet so i can sit back and watch the fucking nuclear bomb of opinionated fucks go off.

Comment by andy@cynic

and otis is fucking awesome. especially when you think of the fathers genes he had to fight against.

Comment by andy@cynic

An incredible feat.

Comment by DH

That Otis apologised by himself shows he has more maturity than the other parent. This story has made me furious.

Comment by Mary Bryant

No one fucks with Otis.

Comment by Billy Whizz

look at you being all fucking protective. who the fuck are you?

Comment by andy@cynic

Thank you everyone. When Otis is older, I hope he knows how many people are looking out for him and cheering him on.

Comment by Rob

Disgraceful behaviour by the other parent. If we were upset every time a child accidentally pushed into another child, we would never have any time to do anything else.

Comment by Lee Hill

You are the perfect little boy Otis.

Big hugs and kisses. Jxxx

Comment by Jemma King

As usual, my wife said it better, but that other parent is an asshole. Maybe they were having a bad day but there’s no reason to act that way.

Comment by George

Of all the books I’ve read about becoming a Dad, this is the best advice I’ve had. Thank you Rob.

Comment by Pete

Exciting times Peter. When is Sarah due?

Comment by Lee Hill

Next month.

Comment by Pete

Wow, that soon … it’s going to be brilliant mate. Just remember, don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re a shit parent when I know already you will be awesome.

Comment by Rob

Otis is a beautiful little boy. You and Jill are raising him perfectly.

Comment by Katerina

The other parents probably have their kids on adderall.

Comment by John

More concerned about the kid of the other family actually. Seriously suggesting time out for youthful enthusiasm and a self generated apology at 2.5…… what must the future hold…. the silent treatment for school yard antics at 7…..grounded for life for asking a sensitive question at 12? Terrifying.

Comment by Imo

“Fuck you!”
So very W+K.

Comment by Seiko

I love this! He should never dim his light just because it shines brighter than others.

Comment by Mrs Christine Lee

Loved this blog post. It’l be good to connect

Comment by Traveling Warrior.leegunnblog

Please don’t over-generalize from this one random butthead to all parents from my native land. Your reponse is as awesome as your boy.

Comment by Matthew Miller

Oh trust me, it’s not unique to all parents from your native land … nor is it limited to your native land … but it’s happened and happening and I’ll be fucked if I’m going to contribute to their delusional parenting brilliance.

Comment by Rob

I love this. Dont let the world limit Otis.

Comment by bethadhiambo

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