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If You Want A Fright On A Tuesday …
February 5, 2019, 6:15 am
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… then have a look at this.

They’re not just my feet in that photo.

But my shoes.


I know … I bloody know.

Don’t worry though, I’ve not suddenly come to my senses regarding footwear relevant … the fact is [1] it’s bloody cold in London – though I appreciate that never stopped me in the past [2] they were free – as are the multitude of lovely NIKE’s I’m also now in possession of and [3] apparently wearing birkies for 25+ years none-stop is not great for your back so I’ve been ordered to wear proper shoes for a bit.

Please note the words ‘a bit’ because once the sun comes out [which I appreciate in London, is not often] I’ll be back to insulting the eyes and tastes of England’s most populous city.

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How can this news make me relieved and hate you at the same time. Must be how VW execs felt when they admitted to dieselgate.

Comment by Bazza

never ever ever use the words relieved and campbell in the same sentence. you can be arrested for less.

Comment by andy@cynic

Of course they were free. Some things won’t ever change.

Comment by Bazza

he blags more than the fuckers on fyre festival.

Comment by andy@cynic

I agree Baz. Disturbing and exciting at the same time. They’re even nice boots. He will be in button down shirts nexts. OK, maybe not.

Comment by Pete

That would be the end of days.

Comment by Bazza

Your mama is looking down and cheering.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Everyone is. Except birkenstock shareholders.

Comment by Bazza

those boots are cleaner than your fucking face campbell. youre also in danger of looking like you belong to the human race. dont ever do that again.

Comment by andy@cynic

Brexit isn’t all bad then.

Comment by DH

Especially when you’re not living there.

Comment by Bazza

Yeah, because everything is just fine in the good old US of A.

Comment by DH

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