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Why Being Starstruck Stops You Seeing What You’re Saying …

The celebrity endorsement.

Favoured by brands who have nothing interesting to say.

Or by companies who want to look more important than they are.

Of course they’re exceptions.

NIKE for example … because at least their choices are directly connected to the category they operate in, which is more than can be said for Clooney and Nespresso. Or the new entrant. Another handsome, old, white male actor – who, according to his ex-wife – may have domestic abuse issues to answer for.

Maybe that’s why Brad Pitt agreed to do one of the worst ads I’ve seen in a long time. To pay for any legal trial … whereas at least Clooney does it to raise the money for the films he personally wants to make.

In the old days, celebs went to Japan to top up their pension – safe in the knowledge that no one would see their stuff. Then the internet happened and not only could everyone see the rubbish they’d do for a big pay day, they realised they could do it now in their home country given everyone had seen their willingness to sell their credibility for cash.

Which leads to this …


For a financial investment firm.

If that isn’t weird enough, they’ve weirdly made Neymar look like he’s the financial advisor.

What the fuck?

Are they suggesting he is so rich he can give people expert financial advice?

If they are, is his advice, “become a professional footballer for PSG”.

Or is something else …

Is he paid so badly he’s had to get a second job selling financial advice?

That would at least make some sense as Neymar HAS BEEN FOUND GUILTY OF TAX AVOIDANCE!!!

Yeah, this financial company decided that the best celebratory endorser they could use to promote their company internationally was a convicted tax dodger.

Did no one think about that?

Did no one question what that would say about them?

Did they think that because Qatar – where QNB is based – don’t charge personal tax, it means Neymar’s crime basically doesn’t exist?

Did no one ask why were they photographing the football star as if he was a financial advisor?


And was that because they were starstruck?

Or was it because they didn’t think about it?

Or care?

Or think anyone else would care?

Or was it all of the above … because let’s face it, there’s enough examples to show many investment firms don’t give a damn about rules, customers or tax obligations … so maybe using Neymar was the most truthful and inspired choice they could make.

How nice of QNB to make it so much easier for the authorities to find people exploiting the financial rules for personal gain, because now all they have to do is ask one question:

“Do you use QNB?”

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given all the shit going down with the uk economy, sounds like neymar is giving bojo financial advice.

Comment by andy@cynic

Hahahaha … yes, I’ve just been reading all about it.

Also read about Boris’ speech and his ‘Build Back Better’ viral ‘films’. At this point. surely everyone accepts he’s just tasking the piss out of everyone? Surely people are starting to accept Brexit wasn’t a policy but a punchline?

Comment by Rob

ive lived through trumps fucking america and im still glad im not in boris britain.

Comment by andy@cynic

financial ads make me fucking sick. they may as well just print the word “lie” through them.

Comment by andy@cynic

If you really want to get angry, go to Youtube and look up the Frontline investigative reports on Wall Street and pension schemes.

Just watched them and while I knew it, they managed to ignite a new level of loathing inside of me.

Comment by Rob

who the fuck is neymar supposed to be looking at in that picture? is his pretend client so disgusted by his bullshit advice hes hiding in the fucking corner? fuck me campbell, i am agreeing with the hate youve written about this ad. thats how fucked up it is.

Comment by andy@cynic

Wow, you really do hate this ad. Even more than the posts I write … there’s a first. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

I agree with all you have written. What I am confused about is why a financial organisation would spend so much money having Neymar front their campaign. Yes, he may help the work stand out from the competition, but once noticed, people will see they are not saying anything different to everyone else in the category (read: they say nothing at all) and have spent a huge amount of money to communicate that fact. That is not a good ad for smart investing.

Comment by George

I have a feeling the reason is the CEO of QNB is a Neymar fan.

Comment by Pete

Neymar is to financial advice what Bernie Madoff is to football.

Comment by Pete

madoff at least made some fuckers some money.

Comment by andy@cynic

next. ex Rugby players selling NFT’s.

Comment by Joff Rae

haven’t seen anything so beige since a limey roast dinner.

Comment by Billy Whizz

so the same beige as your personality.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s so harsh I almost feel sorry for Billy.

Comment by Pete

Guessing the whole tax avoidance thing could be a draw card?

Comment by Carl Moggridge

People like dealing with people who share the same values. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

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