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A Reminder Of The Power Of Creativity …

Creativity is getting a bit of a kicking these days.

Oh, people talk about it.

They wax on about how valuable it is.

But then they dictate a ‘formula’ … something they say ‘optimises’ effectiveness and efficiency … conveniently ignoring they are actually promoting the total opposite of what creativity is and how it works.


Somewhere along the line, we’ve decided the value of creativity is not related to output at all … just input.

Now there is truth to that, creativity definitely starts with the mind, however that never includes an endless list of superfluous and superficial mandatories followed by dictatorial demands regarding terminology, talent and ‘category codes’.

You don’t liberate the power of creativity by weighing it down with factors that – at best – can come much later in the process.

And yet it is happening more and more.

Where success is people knowing your name and your corporate colours.

It doesn’t matter if they like you or feel something about you, it’s all function attribution.

And that blows my mind because creativity is capable of incredible things.

Making people care.
Creating value and intrigue.
Driving change and differentiation.
Literally open up possibilities that make people want you rather than you having to chase them down or brainwash them into submission with millions of dollars of spend.

That all these possible outputs are being dismissed in favour of following a pre-determined process and output blows my mind.

Of course one of the big reasons for this is control.

Creativity asks people to let go of comfort zones.

Asks them to be open to new ways to solve old problems.

Demands them to trust someone who isn’t at all like them.

I get it, that’s scary and hard … and there’s definitely a lot of people and organisations who have been burnt by other people and organisations who claimed to offer ‘creativity’ but weren’t really that creative.

[Though it you’re going to value creativity by price point or complicity rather than the impact it has on your business … what do you expect?]

However while everyone has some form of creativity, there are some who know how to harness its power in ways that can change how millions think or feel or want to live.

Sure that may include your brand becoming synonymous with a colour.

Or a set of words.

But it will be more than that, because they will find a way where people value you for what you have added to their world.

Not simply functionally … but how they see and feel what’s around and possible.

And while there is always a risk it might not end up quite as successful as you hope, it is still better to end up with something that means everything to someone rather than nothing to everyone.

That said, when you see the possibilities of creativity – like this magical mural by Brazilian artist Fabio Gomes – then you may accept people who see the World differently to you can create ideas that are far bigger and more powerful than your World could ever imagine.

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Good post Robert. You have hit the nail on the head. Too many people don’t treat creativity with the respect it deserves and then challenge it’s effectiveness without realising their contribution to that situation. That mural is glorious.

Comment by George

The really crazy thing is that a lot of the people who aren’t respecting creativity are people in the business of it. Or claim to be.

Comment by Rob

corporate fucks dont have creative taste but think they do and their money spreads their shit everywhere to make it the shitty, low standard.

Comment by andy@cynic

Hahaha … yes, that’s very true.

And given we seem to be in a situation where more and more people want to stand out – but also don’t want to be too different from their competition – we end up creating a ‘standard’ that is getting lower rather than higher. Add in procurement wanting more for less and processes and gurus that force rules rather than possibilities and we end up where we’re at.

The thing many people seem to forget is that creativity is not just about ability – but taste – and sadly, a lot of people buying/making the decisions on creativity, just don’t have enough of it. Or only have it through a very narrow ‘category’ lens.

Thankfully there’s some who do. Some who rewrite rules. But when there is a tsunami of average pouring down on us, sometimes those glimpses of sunlight are only able to be seen by those looking for it.

Comment by Rob

This -> “The thing many people seem to forget is that creativity is not just about ability – but taste”

Comment by Pete

youve just said the same as me with 10 million more fucking words. once a planner always a fucking planner.

Comment by andy@cynic

fabio is fucking excellent.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yep. He’s amazing.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Pete

Nature and Fabio are a brilliant creative team.

Comment by Bazza

One of the best.

Comment by Rob

Mental availability is a little bit more than mere awareness. Seems like a lot of people didn’t read that far in the book.

Comment by John

Ask Fabio to do one of you. He could do it on an egg.

Comment by Billy Whizz

it would have to be a fucking upside down egg.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks for your kind suggestions. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

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