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In The Rush To Succeed, You Can Go Right Past What You’re Actually Looking To Achieve …

I’ve written a lot about craft.

The value of it.

Creatively, culturally and commercially.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate speed can have a competitive advantage – but it’s also important to remember so can craft.

In all honesty, you can easily tell those who think ‘good enough is good enough’ and those who are focused on doing things wonderfully.

They may look similar.

They may perform in similar ways.

But there’s something that separates them.

Maybe it’s the quality of materials or the attention to detail when your look closely or maybe it just feels differently … something that feels like someone sweated everything all the time.

But what is interesting is why.

Because it’s not just so they can charge someone more for what they’ve done … but, as Steve Job’s referenced in his paint behind the fence story … so they can feel they’re valuing their own talent and standards.

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Well said.

Comment by George

The last sentence sums it all up.

Comment by DH

Are you saying I could have said the whole post in that one paragraph? Please DON’T answer that, hahaha.

Comment by Rob

your craft is causing fucking mayhem and you can do it by just turning up.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s taken years to hone.

Comment by Rob

Speed has value. But so has substance. It seems the latter has become forgotten by too many organisations.

Comment by Lee Hill

If you want to know the value of doing it right rather than doing it quick, talk to any ex of Billy.

Comment by DH

Jesus … that’s pretty brutal.

I don’t imagine it’s wrong, but it’s still pretty brutal.

Comment by Rob

That was a bit of a dick move. Sorry Billy.

Comment by DH

Speed can be a powerful weapon, but what shocks me is how it has seemingly become the only weapon some companies want to use. I don’t know if that’s because they think that gives them all they want or that gives them enough to get their next role.

Comment by Rob

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