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Maybe 2020 Is The Most Important Year …

OK, let’s get the obvious out the way.

Even if 2020 is the most important year, it’s still been a shit year.

But the point being made is a good one.

To be honest, when I first read it, it felt very much like an ad for NIKE.

Taking what we think and forcing us to re-imagine it.

To feel the words rather than functionally jump to conclusions.

And while there may well be a lot of good that comes out of this.

There has been a lot of pain to lead up to this point and then get to this situation.

However as much as many of us probably wish to put all this behind us, it reminds me of something my Dad once told me.

My Dad changed careers quite a lot in his life.

And when I say ‘changed careers’, I mean it.

From the RAF to insurance to a photographer to law.

Fortunately for the family, my Mum was much more stable … hahaha.

But one day I asked my Dad why he did it … why he didn’t just change job, but dramatically and radically changed industry, even if it meant he had to retrain and re-qualify.

And he gave me the best answer I’ve ever heard.

It went like this:

“I love you and your Mum. If I’m going to spend so much time away from you every single day day, I owe it to you to be doing something I love because nothing would be more insulting than being away from the people I want to spend all my time with, doing something I hate”.

I have always taken that to heart.

Fulfilment over contentment.

It’s what has helped me make decisions that others thought were mad.

It’s behind the jobs I’ve taken, the countries I’ve lived in and the projects I’ve embarked on.

And while there were times it opened up challenges that made me question what I was doing, it always was worth it.

The best things always are.

And while I’ve experienced a fraction of the pain others have had to endure in 2020 – both in terms of the impact it has had on them and the duration it has lasted for them – this is the moment where we need to see change through … to get to the other side rather than try to go back to where we were.

Because on the other side of all this shit, is a chance.

A real, once-in-a-lifetime chance to make things right.

Not just in the US, but everywhere.

Where the systemic and systematic prejudice and racism that is embedded and integrated into our whole way of life is changed.

From education to higher government.

Where people of colour are given the equal rights that the rest of us have enjoyed our entire life.

And let’s be honest, if we do that, we still get the easy job.

There’s people out there who have fought for generations for this moment.

To be seen … heard … noticed … valued.

Which is why we have a moral duty to see this through … to keep fighting to the very end … because nothing would be more disrespectful to the people we say we stand with than walking away at the point we have the chance to make sustainable, effective change.

And if you need any other reason – which you shouldn’t, but just in case – there’s the fact that if we force equality – real, actionable, sustainable equality – into our everyday lives, the people of colour community will lift us all higher.

Take us somewhere better. For absolutely everyone.

Which is why we have to choose fulfilment over comfort.

We over me.

To make 2020 the most important year rather than the worst.

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Your parents really were very good weren’t they.

Comment by Bazza

Exceptionally good.

Comment by George

How do you think I feel? I’ll never top it … poor Otis.

Comment by Rob

theres a fuckload of reasons to feel sorry for otis.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think the current administrations policy is to distract American’s focus on BLM with talk about tiktok and corona in the hope they lose interest. It may work which is the final insult to POC.

Comment by Bazza

I agree. With the police still going around harassing people of color, they don’t fear any ramifications from the administration.

Comment by Pete

What I’m seeing is the fight is still being fought passionately and brilliantly by the African American community but whereas once – for a fleeting moment – it was also on the feeds of white people, now it isn’t.

The ultimate privilege is being able to choose when you want to be affected by it. Fuckers.

Comment by Rob

Can you go back to posting late rather than really late. It’s messing with my sleep.

Comment by Bazza


Comment by Pete

Could you move back to China Robert. Your posting times were much more convenient to me then.

Comment by George

Just for you …

[I’m joking and I’m not]

Comment by Rob

You have never done anything just for me in your life. Except humiliation, and that was obviously just for you.

Comment by George

you deserve the fucking pain if you stay up to read this shit. fucking lunatics.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes to all this Robert. 100% yes.

Comment by George

sometimes campbell, your soppy shit actually fucking works.

Comment by andy@cynic

Breaking you means Rob could be the most powerful weapon in existence.

Comment by DH

You could have a brand new career Rob. You just have to wait for the military contract.

Comment by Pete

Weapon of mass distraction.

Comment by john

Nailed it John.

Comment by DH

Brilliant post Rob. I love your Dad’s quote too.

Comment by DH

The only permanent thing man knows is change. Lets be part of it.

Comment by

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