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When Advertising Stinks … Of Women’s Feet …

So I saw this ad recently in Amsterdam airport.

Now maybe it’s just me, but when I think of Jimmy Choo – I think of expensive women shoes, so when I think of Jimmy Choo as a male fragrance – I think of an expensive scent that smells of women’s feet.

I’m not sure this is the product expansion they went to do. Yet.

Another thing they shouldn’t have done is use the words, URBAN HERO.

No offense Jimmy Choo … but they are the least appropriate words that could ever be used in connection with your brand.



You have spent years banging on about how the Jimmy Choo universe is one filled with galas and fashion shows.

Even the image shows the bloke [cut off at the ankles I note] sitting in front of some pristine, clinical ‘feature’.

Sorry, but you’re about as urban as Prince Andrew claiming he had Pizza Express in Woking.

And then there’s the word hero.


Hero of what exactly?

Pretentious pricks?

Put them together and you get more evidence that many – but not all – who operate in the fashion world are more out of their head than any member of the Happy Mondays at their musical peak.

I hate everything about this ad.


But then given they have made it about a man who smells of women’s feet and called him an urban hero, I don’t think I will have to worry about it being around for too long.

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Best post of the year. I know it’s only January but I’m certain of it.

Perfume ads show drug taking is still big in adland.

Comment by Bazza

I should add it’s the best post of the year because you are being a sarcastic bitch and I know you will go back to spouting planning nonsense by tomorrow.

Comment by Bazza

Have you forgotten you’re still a planner?

Comment by Pete

How quickly they forget.

Comment by George

Would you like me to put up some of your old planning decks Baz so people can see how much pretentious nonsense your planning style used to be … until we saved you?

Comment by Rob

I forgot how much blackmail suits you Rob.

Comment by Bazza

It’s the best career move I’ve ever learnt.

Comment by Rob

you fucking ungrateful wanker baz. without me youd be nothing. well youre still fucking nothing but youd be a poor as fuck nothing.

Comment by andy@cynic

This sounds like it could be a subculture group on pornhub.

Comment by Pete

Does Sarah know you are so well versed in pornhub subcultures?

Comment by George

You know the infamous ‘cake’ will get brought up again with that sort of behaviour George.

Comment by Rob

Hilarious write up Robert. Only trumped by whatever the thinking is for the vast majority of fragrance ads.

Comment by George

Yep. I would absolutely love to sit in those meetings.

If the book E (by Matt Beaumont) was written again, I’d hope it would be about a pitch for a perfume client. It would elevate the brilliance to unimaginable heights.

Comment by Rob

only ad book worth reading. and they have the fucking nerve to claim its fiction.

Comment by andy@cynic

Urban hero? I would accept it more if it was suburban hero.

Comment by Lee Hill

It’s always a good thing to be reminded of

Comment by Andy D

That’s good. Not £5000 good. But compared to the millions spent on stuff like ‘Urban Hero’, it’s definitely good.

Comment by Rob

Apparenty most perfume ads have some sort of backstory, they’re supposed to be a part of a wider narrative you’ll never know.
A little like Rise of Skywalker then

Comment by Northern

you came back for this shit? what the fuck is wrong with you. i know you’re a northern monkey but even they have some sort of fucking taste.

Comment by andy@cynic

whoever made this shit needs to drink 3 gallons of the fucking shit until they theyre at the point of dying and begging for forgiveness. then you pour another 3 gallons down their throat.

Comment by andy@cynic

3 gallons isn’t enough.

Comment by DH

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