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How Much Does Your Credibility Cost?

A few weeks ago I saw this …

Have you watched it?

Please watch it …

Seriously, it suddenly makes Ronaldo’s play acting in front of a referee look Oscar worthy.

I know a bunch of Western celebrities do ads in Asia because they get paid a ton of cash and they think no one will ever see it, but the fact is – in these connected times – people do see it.


Which takes us back to Ronaldo.

Why the hell did he do this?

For a person who seems very, very aware of his public image, he must have known how terrible this would make him look.

And I don’t just mean the terrible dancing, I mean everything.

The horrific production values.

The embarrassingly tragic script.

The ridiculous premise for the whole ad.

I just don’t understand why he would do it.

He isn’t at the point of retiring.

He absolutely doesn’t need the money.

And with such star power, surely he could – at the very least – have demanded a better script or some semi-decent production values.

Which all goes to show that money might buy you happiness, but it doesn’t buy you taste.

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Comment by George

Even “wow” is an understatement.

Comment by Pete

I think all the production value costs were spent on Ronaldo’s fee. Which means his credibility cost quite a lot of money. But I am in full agreement. What was he thinking?

Comment by George

It could be worse. It could be this.

Comment by Bazza

I had forgotten about that.
I am impressed and a little scared you didn’t Baz.

Comment by George

The production values are very similar.

Comment by Pete

At least Ronaldo got paid for his shame.

Comment by Bazza

Where the hell did that come from?

Comment by Rob

It is so obvious the people behind this wanted to get the “dance” into popular culture. They’re not even subtle about it. It’s so terrible it can’t even achieve “so bad it’s good” status. Embarrassingly awful.

Comment by Pete

Instead they got it onto this unpopular culture.

Comment by John

That is something quite extraordinary.
I do hope Ronaldo fired his management team.

Comment by Lee Hill

It could be worse, he could play for Forest.

Comment by John

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