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Love Works In Strange Ways …

So good news, this might be the last post for 2 weeks.


Though don’t get too excited because it might only be one.

Either way, you have lucked in as it’s definitely the last post of the week because today I’m in Paris and then on Wednesday, I’m off to Lisbon so I can speak at a conference.


I must admit, I still find it hysterical that people want to hear me talk about anything. Especially given all my ‘material’ is available for absolutely nothing on this blog.

Well, if ‘loss of brain cells’ is absolutely nothing.

And yet I do enjoy talking at conferences …

I like the process of trying to think of something interesting to talk about for the audience.

Working out the best way to get the message across without falling into the deadly presentation paralysis.

Then adding the stories that will either make the audience semi-like me, think I’m a cheeky bastard or just plain hate me.

I say all this but I bet the only reason I do get invited is to be the court jester to the audience – and given the wonderful Mr Weigel will also be at the same conference – I’m even more sure of this fact.

But what it means is I’m away till Monday so with that I want to leave you with a delightful story I’ve just heard about.

In the early 80’s, Queen worked with a German producer called Mack.

He was quite revolutionary for the band – helping change their sound and way of recording – which meant they were one of the few artists who went into the 80’s stronger than when they were in the 70’s, culminating in some of their biggest ever hits.

Another One Bites The Dust.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Under Pressure.

Radio Gaga.

I Want To Break Free.

Unsurprisingly, Mack got very close to the band and asked Freddie Mercury to be his eldest sons godfather. And it’s to this background I read this story from Mack about what happened on his sons birthday.

Have a read, see you Monday and here’s a link to the video being talked about below.

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That is very sweet. Enjoy the holiday, I mean conference.

Comment by George

The Freddie story is sweet, not your trips nor your lack of blog activity for the next week or 2.

Comment by George

It’s definitely not his free holiday.

Comment by Bazza

Stories like this normally destroy the rock star image but strangely this one keeps it. I’ll accept Freddie was OK. But only for today and that song is still crap.

Comment by Bazza

Ready Freddie?

Comment by Pete

I believe that line comes from their song “crazy little thing called love”. Very appropriate to this post. Am I correct Robert?

Comment by Lee Hill

You’re in danger of reaching tragic nerd status.

Comment by Bazza

What a glorious story of Mr Mercury. For a man who was one of the undisputed God’s on stage, the stories I’ve heard of his private life reveal a private and humble man. Superstars are rarely how they appear.

Enjoy your travels Robert. I hope it is less than 2 weeks until you return here.

Comment by Lee Hill

Actually, you were the first person I said I wanted to invite. The first to whom I’ve talked to and the first to say yes.

Comment by Daniel

Giving Eurotrash a bad name.

Comment by John

Freddie’s outfit still looks less ridiculous than your wardrobe Rob.

Comment by DH

Apparently the kid is Mack’s youngest son.

And how do I know that?

Because I posted it on LinkedIn and Mack himself commented.

Mack!!! My life is now complete.

Comment by Rob

I’m not sure who is sadder in that story.

Comment by DH

campbell. always.

Comment by andy@cynic

And now the boy – who is now a man – has responded.

What a weird day.

Comment by Rob

what the fuck are you talking about.

Comment by andy@cynic

Not sure but I’m guessing he hit some Rob Campbell type jackpot again.

Comment by DH

The world is broken.

Comment by Bazza

I mean the little boy in the photo – the boy who asked Freddie to wear that outfit – wrote to me on Linkedin about it.

So his Dad – who was Queen’s producer – and his son – who had Freddie as his godfather.

I know that’s nothing to you, but it’s huge to me.

Comment by Rob

oh for fucks sake campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Ok, Freddie was OK sometimes. It doesn’t make Queen any good though
Enjoy your working holiday, you deserve it

Comment by Northern

Guess who was sighted at the airport?

Comment by John

If that isn’t Rob, it soon will be.

Comment by Bazza

I loved you from the moment i saw you on a stage rob! (ahhh – your pals are going to give me shit for saying that!)

Comment by Nicola Daniel

That was Martin Weigel.

Comment by John


Comment by DH

If you check Rob’s instagram today (I made a schoolboy mistake) you’ll see he‘s causing pandemonium in Beijing. He is a far more effective weapon of mass destruction than any missile.

Comment by Bazza

[…] and Concorde were nice, as was getting a comment from Queen producer, Mack, and his son on the post I wrote about Freddie Mercury going to a birthday party dressed in the outfit he wore for the ‘It’s A Hard […]

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