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Variety Is The Spice Of Life …

I saw this person on the tube recently.

I don’t know who they are.

I accept I have no right to talk about fashion or shoes.

But a pair of brown crocs with some glittered-up stones glued to them feels the sort of things by a Blue Peter host would have come up with circa 1982.

What makes it even more confusing is they were carrying an LV bag.

And while I haven’t seen such an odd pairing since I saw Cate Blanchett and her husband, I have to say I loved it.

It was quirky.

It was individual.

It was the sort of thing that pushes ‘fashion’ and could either crash and burn or open up a new chapter of it. And given we live in a world that tends to play safely in the middle, the people on the edges are the ones we should be looking at and celebrating.

When Martin and I did our Cannes talk for Warc, we talked about ‘the edge effect’.

It’s a genuine term – associated more with nature than planning – but the point is still valid. If you want to move brands forward, play to where culture is heading not where it is and to do that, seek out the people on the edges not smack bang in the centre.



Since I wrote this post, I discovered these shoes weren’t the work of a children’s TV presenter, some Pritt Stick glue, some stones from the garden and a couple of tubes of glitter but a real live bloody shoe designer.

Christopher Kane to be precise.

And what’s more, they cost £325.



Suddenly my wifi cup, remote control ball and basically 99% of everything I’ve ever bought looks a wise investment in comparison.

So to Mr Kane, your career might be done but you made me feel better about myself.Ta.

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I take it all back. Birkenstocks are the 2nd most ugly shoes you can put on your feet.

I don’t know who Christopher Kane is, but he’s a bigger con artist than Maddoff.

Comment by Bazza

Yes, I must admit the shoes were intriguing when I thought it was self-made, self expression, but rather horrific when I saw they were straight off the catwalk.

Comment by Rob

Clearly you don’t work for a fashion brand.

Comment by John

I never saw you as a haute couture man John.

Comment by Bazza

More Juicy than haute.

Comment by John

This was a very good post until you said those shoes were by a designer and cost $300+. On the positive, they make Yeezy’s value for money.

Comment by George

No they don’t.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Mary for the win.

Comment by Pete

As usual.

Comment by George

Absolutely as usual.

Comment by Rob

the only thing I like about auntie g is mary.

Comment by andy@cynic

I woukd love to see the whole look of the woman wearing those shoes. I’m not a fan but those socks and ankle bracelet makes me think she pulled it off. Good on her and good on you for supporting alternative looks. But you could not really could you. Fascinated by the edge effect, I will be reading up on that tonight. Thank you Robert.

Comment by Mary Bryant

I was thinking the same. Pushing boundaries is the only way for change to happen, even if those who end up financially profiting are those who quickly follow their lead.

Comment by Pete

The first of anything are often misunderstood …

Comment by Rob

Just watched your Cannes talk, loved it all. Special warmness for dealing with the Disruption question. They would probably say that Media Arts does the chaos bit, but of course, it doesn’t

Comment by Northern

the only thing shittier than those shit stones on those shit shoes would be seeing your shit toes in your shit birkenstocks. strange bit is those shit stones look like your shit feet.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re happy today!

Comment by Rob

But isn’t the point of this post that pushing the edges creates the trends that results in some idiot paying $300 for some horrible crocs with some colorful stones glued on them?

Comment by DH

dave has just fucking outplayed the planner. dont know who should feel fucking more sick about that.

Comment by andy@cynic

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